Do not be dissuaded by so paltry a matter as a change of time

A (wisely?) anonymous member of Trinity Congregational Church in Reading reproached his fellow worshippers for lax attendance during war conditions.

An Echo

A correspondent sends the following, and as similar thoughts are in the minds of many, we gladly print it:

Bearing in mind that some 62 or more young fellows have gone from our church to give their lives, if necessary, for us. Yet, when we hold our two services on each Sunday, how very small a congregation we get at each service to praise God for His care and guidance, and to pray for the precious lives of our brothers in the Army. Also at the Church Meeting on February 2nd, it was decided to hold our evening service at 5 o’clock, which hour is found inconvenient by very many of our members. Yet, if they would only remember the watchful care of our Father in Heaven, providing comfort and security, surely they would wish to thank Him for the many mercies received, and to ask His protection for those at the War.

Shall we not all deeply consider the matter, and not let the paltry question of a changed hour, or so little inconvenience, keep us from this privilege of worship which is ours?
Again, the hours arranged for February, March, and April, were so chosen for the safety and security of all, and not without due consideration, by those who know.

Trinity Congregational Church, Reading: church magazine, March 1916 (D/EX1237/1/11)

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