Every young man should know his duty

The Winkfield parish magazine was proud that many of its young men had joined up (and one female nurse), but urged others to follow them. They also shared a poem more notable for its keen patriotism than its literary merits.

Our Choir has been denuded of about half its senior members, five of them having volunteered for Foreign Services in answer to their country’s call.

We may perhaps feel rather proud of the number of men from this parish who are now serving their Country in this great National crisis, but it may well be that there are still some holding back who ought to come forward in response to the stirring appeal “Your King and Country need you.” As the Bishop of Chelmsford has truly said, “In this war or right against wrong every young man should seek to know his duty, and when he knows it face it even unto death.”

Besides a large number who have enrolled themselves as Special Constables, 45 young men of the parish are now either serving at the Front or undergoing training to take their part in this great war. We print a copy of the list posted on the Church door, and hope that more names will soon be added to this list of honour which perhaps at the end of the war may take more permanent form of a board or tablet so as to hand down to future generations the names of those who fought in the brave days of old.


Blunden, Horace Frank Ottaway, Ernest (Navy)
Brant, George Ottaway, Harry
Carter, Albert Reed, Charles
Harris, Herbert Rixon, Fred
Hayes-Sadler, Cecil Simmonds, John S. (Navy)
Lunn, Charles Streamer, Charles
Mitchell, George (Navy) Taylor, William (Navy)
Mitchell, Henry Thurmer, Ernest
Ottaway, Albert Woodage, Walter

Sister Constance Druce.


Banstead, George Hoptroff, Henry
Berney, Thomas Reedham Jenden, Cecil
Chaney, George Kimble, Archibald
Chaney, John Maynard, Forster H.M.
Diaper, Arthur Nickless, Reginald
Fisher, William Nickless, Wallace
Gray, Edwin Parrott, William
Greatham, Charles Reed, Walter
Harris, Ernest Rixon, Henry
Hayes-Sadler, Ralph Spears, William
Hipple, George Thurmer, William
Holloway, William Thurmer, Robert
Holmes, Arthur Webb, Albert
Holmes, Fred

THE CHOIR MEN’S EXCURSION did not take place this year, for the war broke out just before the day fixed, and the members of the Choir were good enough voluntarily to forego their pleasure and to request that the funds which should have been available should be devoted partly to the local War Relief Fund and partly to providing some little extra comforts for those of their number undergoing training in camp.


It is proposed to have special Intercession Services on the 2nd Sunday in the month in the Evening and on the 4th Sunday in the month at the Morning Service. The Vicar would be glad to hear from any parishioners who have relations now serving at the Front, that their names may be included in our Intercessions.

The Vicar will be glad to give copies of the “Peace-Bell” Prayer to any who may desire to use them.

Any able and willing to work for the Red Cross Society are asked to communicate with the local Secretary, Mrs. Ferard, or- if more convenient for some living nearer the Vicarage – to Mrs. Maynard.


Mothers and Maids of Britain!
Ye who would help once more,
Cheering her sons to battle,
Deaf to alarms of war.

Ye who, while waiting, weep not
Seeking some aid to lend
Ere there be hearts to comfort,
Ere there be sick to tend.

Know that to you is given
Weapon of winged word
Swifter than flash of sabre,
Mighty beyond the sword.

So, while our armies gather
Come ye apart, and claim,
Kneeling, what He hath promised
Gathers in His Name.

Only have Faith and Courage,
Doubt not at all, nor fear;
But while ye lift your voices,
Know that your God will hear.

Mothers and Maids of Britain!
Rise to your solemn task –
Pray to the God of Battles
They shall receive who ask.

(Octavia Beaumont.)

Winkfield parish magazine, October 1914 (D/P151/28A/6)

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  1. Jennifer Thurmer

     /  17 March, 2018

    I appreciate your response, Thank you. I would like to use information that you have on this site on the male members of my Thurmer Family who were born in Berkshire or lived in Berkshire, at the outbreak of the First World War, and who served. I have information and photographs passed on by family, and dates etc., that I have researched elsewhere, which is OK, but your site provides an unfolding of how families and local communities would have received and shared news. Just a few quotation would be wonderful.

  2. Jennifer Thurmer

     /  25 May, 2017

    I seek permission to use information found on this informative web site regarding my male relatives who served in the First World War and who lived in and around Winkfield. Their family names were Thurmer and Streamer. I would appreciate very much receiving your permission as I am writing an account of my grandfather’s English family.The account is for family only, and not a commercial or proffit-making enterprise. Other names that seem also to be connected with my grandfather’s family are Knight, and Simmond. Thanking you for your time and consideration. Jennifer Thurmer (South Australia) jthurmer@senet.com.au


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