A Peace Dinner to all parishioners who have served in the Great War

Warfield ex-servicemen were invited to a concert and dinner.

The Peace Dinner to all parishioners who have served in the Great War, will be held in the Brounlow Hall, on Tuesday, September 30th, at 7 p.m. It will be followed by a Concert, for which any guest may obtain a ticket for one friend on application to Mr. Laurence. If any service-man in the parish should fail to receive an invitation, will he please let Mr. Laurence know.

Warfield section of Winkfield District Magazine, September 1919 (D/P 151/28A/11)


Sept 29th

Re-opened today [after summer holiday]. Miss Parsons, PT, is strike-bound at Weston super Mare.

Log book of Sparsholt CE School (D/P115/28/47)

Released from an aliens internment camp

An Abingdon man of foreign extraction was released from internment.

29th September 1919

The following letters were read and ordered to be filed for future reference namely:-

4. From the Prisoners of War Information Bureau London, notifying that William Henry Ernest Meyer had been released from an aliens internment camp.

Minutes of Abingdon Board of Guardians (G/A1/33)

Now that the war is over a burden has been lifted from many hearts

Another opportunity to celebrate the peace.


It is proposed to hold the usual Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Services on Sunday, September 28th, when special music, appropriate to the occasion, will be rendered by the Church Choir.

The Harvest Festival is always a glad day… Now that the war is over a burden has been lifted from many hearts, and this should give us all increased cause for gratitude and praise….

Reading Broad Street Congregational Magazine, September 1919 (D/N11/12/1/14)

“The familiar hymns were never better sung or seemed more full of meaning”

Warfield unveiled its war memorial – a simple, tasteful stone tablet inside the church.


The unveiling of the Memorial in the Parish Church, will take place at the evening 6.30 service, on Sunday, September 28th, the eve of Michaelmas Day.


The Service of Dedication of the War Memorial on Sunday evening, September 28th, will live long in the memory of those who took part in it.

The Church was full, and the familiar hymns were never better sung or seemed more full of meaning.

The Memorial, so well executed by Mr. Murphy, is very beautiful in its extreme simplicity.

A perfectly plain white marble slab, with the words “Roll of Honour” at the top and beneath “in Grateful and lasting Memory of the Men of Warfield who fell in the Great War, 1914-1919.”

Warfield section of Winkfield District Magazine, September and November 1919 (D/P 151/28A/11/9, 11)

Not money enough to pay the wages the strikers expect

The Vansittart Neales’ baby grandson was invited down to Bisham. He came down with his Nannie the next day. The strike ended on 5 October.

27 September 1919

Awful strike begun. All trains stopped. Hear Jo. Kelly to send destroyers to Ireland for [illegible].

They have made preparations, but expect petrol & perhaps [Shaw?] to be commandeered. Hear milk supply in London may be irregular so settled with P[aget]s to send for baby Sunday by car…

Expect strike to last some weeks. The country have not money enough to pay the wages they expect.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale of Bisham Abbey (D/EX73/3/17/9)

A very memorable occcasion

Cookham Dean soldiers were entertained on their return home.

Lack of space prevents an attempt even at an adequate account of the Supper to our demobilised Soldiers and Sailors, presided over by Sir R. M. Beachcroft, in the Drill Hall, On Sept 27, Mr. and Mrs. Cooper, and the friends that helped them, cannot be too highly congratulated on the excellent taste shewn in the arrangement of the room and of the tables, nor on the beneficent fare provided for the Supper. From first to last the whole proceedings, under the guiding eye of Mr. Edwards, ably backed up by his committee, passed off most satisfactorily.

The Concert, kindly arranged by Messrs. Carr and Kiff, gave the greatest pleasure, and the thanks of all are due not only to the Artistes, but also to Capt. Campbell, who himself went to London in his motor to fetch those who had been prevented from coming by the stoppage of the trains. Each guest received a dainty little programme of the evening, which will doubtless be preserved by many as a pleasant reminder of a very memorable occasion.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, October 1919 (D/P43B/28A/11)

A wish to place wreaths or a few flowers by our wayside Crucifix on the anniversaries of the day when their relatives or friends died for our Country

People wanted to remember their loved ones who had fallen in the war.

St. Agnes’, Spital

Many people have expressed a wish to place wreaths or a few flowers by our wayside Crucifix on the anniversaries of the day when their relatives or friends died for our Country, and the question is often asked whether this may be done. It may indeed most certainly be done, and it is earnestly hoped that all who wish to thus perpetuate the memory of those who are dear to them will do so at any time as well as on the anniversaries, and will ask for prayer for his soul at the Holy Eucharist on the day that he died.

Clewer parish magazine, September 1919 (D/P39/28A/9)

Peace Sports at Palmer Park

Central Continuation School, Reading
24th September 1919

The afternoon being the occasion of the children’s peace sports, all the elementary schools of the Borough are closed.

George Palmer Boys’ School, Reading
24th September 1919

Closed in afternoon for “Peace Sports” at Palmer Park.

St John’s School, Reading
Sept 25th

Half holiday given on Wed. 24th inst for children to attend “Peace” Sports at Palmer Park.

Emmer Green
24th September 1919

The school was closed this afternoon on account of the Peace Festival Sports which were held at Palmer Park.

Log books of Central Continuation School, Reading (89/SCH/8/9); George Palmer Boys’ School, Reading (89/SCH/8/1); St John’s School, Reading (D/P172/28A/23); Emmer Green CE School (R/ES8/3)

Coupons from the War Savings Committee

24th September 1919
Received four hundred coupons (£10 worth) from the national War Savings Committee.

Aston Tirrold CE School log book (C/EL105/1, p. 190)

The first treat since War broke out

The Choir trip took place on September 24, and a right merry party journeyed to Southsea by the Venture. It was the first treat since War broke out. In addition to the Choir offertory on Whitsunday a few friends gave generous help and bade us have a good time, and we did!

Remenham parish magazine, October 1919 (D/P99/28A/5)

War memorial cross

War Memorial Cross
The “Cross” sub-committee met on 22nd September at Hillfields, and agreed unanimously upon a recommendation to the full committee, who will meet on 10th October at 6.30, at the Jubilee Room to consider it, and also a report from the “Sports” sub-committee, which will be ready by then. Any suggestions for suitable inscriptions should be sent either to Mr Lousley or Mr Willink.

Burghfield parish magazine, October 1919 (D/EX725/4)

A nasty accident

A soldier on leave caused a nasty accident for a Remenham woman.

It was with regret we heard that Miss Ames, our indefatigable helper in the Parish, met last month with a nasty accident at Weymouth, where she was staying for a holiday. A Colonial soldier ran into her with his bicycle, and she was thrown violently to the ground and much bruised, and mercifully escaped the loss of sight in one eye. We learn with relief and joy that Miss Ames is now progressing quite favourably towards recovery.

Remenham parish magazine, September 1919 (D/P99/28A/5)

Fireworks and flowers

Victory Flower Show

Sir William Cain has arranged a magnificent show of Fireworks in the Park at Wargrave Manor, to which he has issued a general invitation to all ticket holders of the Flower Show.

Full particulars of the Show and of the Sports have already been published. Tea will be obtainable on the ground at a reasonable price.

Admission to the show will be by ticket at the following prices at the gate: – From 2-3.30 p.m. 1/-; from 3.30-5 p.m. 6d.; from 5-7.30 p.m. 3d. Children under the age of 14 half price from 2-5 p.m.; 5-7.30 p.m. 2d.

All Exhibitors will have one Free Ticket of Admission.

Wargrave parish magazine, September 1919 (D/P145/28A/31)

Molested by a soldier

Not all soldiers were heroes.

September 19th 1919

As five girls were coming to school this afternoon they were molested by a soldier who behaved in a grossly inappropriate fashion.

I immediately gave information to the police who took prompt action. I further reported the matter to the Education Committee and the Chairman.

Log book of Lower Sandhurst School (C/EL66/1, p. 482)