Frequently mentioned organisations and events

ASC – Army Service Corps

British Expeditionary Force – the British army in France and Belgium

Belgian Refugees
Following the invasion of Belgium by the Germans, many civilians fled to the safety of Great Britain. Folkestone in Kent acted as an initial receiving centre.

Berkshire Yeomanry
County Yeomanry forces were volunteer cavalry troops associated with the militia, originally founded during the Napoleonic wars to act as a final defence in the event of foreign invasion. In practice they were most associated with dealing with domestic disturbances such as riots. They first served overseas in the Boer War, and from 1908 formed part of the Territorial Force (see below). Reading-born Victoria Cross winner Fred Potts served in the Berkshire Yeomanry.

The Prince of Wales’ National Relief Fund
This charity provided financial support for the families of soldiers who had lost their usual breadwinner, and others who were affected by the war. HRH the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VIII) was the figurehead and official treasurer. 20 years old when the war broke out, the prince was in the Armed Forces but banned by Prime Minister Lord Kitchener from serving at the Front.

RAMC – Royal Army Medical Corps

RFA – Royal Field Artillery

RFC – Royal Flying Corps

SSFA – Soldiers and Sailors Families Association

Special Reserve
The Special Reserve was the successor body to the county militia forces formed in the 18th century, and was created in 1908.

Territorial Force
The Territorial Force comprised the volunteeer reserves of the British Army. Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire all formed part of the south Midlands Division.

VAD – Voluntary Aid Detachments of the Red Cross – untrained nurses, often upper and middle class young women

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