Reading School’s contribution to the war

A complete listing of Reading School’s alumni who had served in the war.


This list has been compiled from information received up to December 14th, 1918; corrections and additions will be welcomed and should be addressed to: – R. Newport, Esq., Reading School, Reading.

Allnatt, Rifleman N.R. — London Rifle Brigade.
(killed in Action).
Ambrose, 2nd Lieut. L.C. — S.L.I.
Anderson, Pte. L.G. — Can. Exp. Force
Appelbee, 2nd Lieut. T. — 13TH West Yorks.
(Killed in Action).
Atkinson, Lieut. E.G. — Indian Army
Atkinson, Capt. G.P. — 6TH Royal North Lancs.
Atkinson, 2nd Lieut. J.C. — R.A.F.
Aust, 2nd Lieut. H.E. — Yorkshire Regt.
(Twice Wounded).
(Killed in Action).
Aveline, Lieut. A.P. — Royal Berks Regt,
(Military Cross).
Baker, 2nd Lieut. A.C.S. — R.G.A.
Baker, Rifleman A.E. — London Irish Rifles.
Baker, Rifleman R.S. — London Irish Rifles.
Baker, Lieut. T.H. — 8TH Royal Berks Regt.
Balding, Capt. C.D. — Indian Army.
Banks, Pte. W.R. — Public School Corps.
(Killed in Action).
Bardsley, Capt. R.C — Manchester Regt.
Barnard, F.P. —
Barroby, Trooper. F. — Strathcona Horse.
Barry, Capt. L.E. — R.A.F.
Baseden, Lieut. E. — Royal Berks Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Baseden, 2nd Lieut. M.W. — R.A.F.
Batchelor, Lieut. A.S. — Duke of Cornwall’s L.I.
Bateman, Capt. W.V. — Royal Munster Fusiliers.
Bayley, 2nd Lieut. F. — Chinese Labour Battalion.
Beckingsale, Pte. R.S. — Canadian Contingent.
Beckingsale, Capt. R.T. — Tank Corps (Military Cross).

Belsten, E.K. — R.A.F.
Biddulph, 2nd Lieut. R.H.H. — Royal Berks Regt.
(Died of Wounds).
Bidmead, Pte. — Wilts regt.
Black, Pte. F. — Public School Corps.
(Killed in Action).
Blazey, A.E.H. — R.A.F.
Blazey, 2nd Lieut. J.W. — Royal Berks Regt
(killed in Action).
Bleck, Lieut. W.E. — R.F.A.
Bliss, 2nd Lieut. A.J. — Leinster Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Bliss, Pte. W. — 2ND Batt.Hon.Art.Coy. (more…)

Germany’s destruction of history mean it is no longer a civilised country

An unexpected insight into Berkshire people’s outrage at the unprecedented destruction from German air raids comes in a pamphlet written in June 1915 on historic Whitby Abbey in Yorkshire. Its author was Peter Ditchfield, the vicar of Barkham, who was a distinguished antiquarian and local historian.

The destruction wrought by German shells has created a storm of protest throughout the civilised world, from which we must now exclude the domains of the Kaiser. We have mourned over the devastation wrought at Louvain, Rheims, Ypres, Arras, Antwerp, and scores of other places where as pilgrims we have wandered and worshipped in those beautiful shrines. And now the bombardment of our own shores, the murder of innocent and inoffensive old men, women and children, and the destruction of our own relics of antiquity, has revealed to our wondering eyes the hideous extent of modern barbarism.

It was no chance shot that damaged that venerable and picturesque pile upon the Yorkshire coast. Alone it stood upon the hill overlooking Whitby town, near the edge of the cliff and the right bank of the Esk river, and not far from the quaint old church of St Mary. The German gunners must have aimed directly, wantonly and wickedly at the remains of the beautiful and historic monastery, and have thus lived up to the reputation which they have earned for themselves on the Continent by their dastardly outrages….

Pamphlet on Whitby Abbey by Peter H Ditchfield, June 1915 (R/D134/7/32)

‘Exciting’ news: the Germans are proud of attacking undefended women and children

The war came to British soil when there was an air raid on the east coast. William Hallam and Florence Vansittart Neale were appalled.

16 December 1914

William Hallam
It was a most exciting day today about the German naval raid on the East coast. I went along to Bath Rd Reading Room late tonight to see the latest telegrams.

Florence Vansittart Neale
German raid on Scarborough! Whitby & Hartlepool, killing many women & children – undefended towns & [homes?]!!! Proud of their feat!!

The Sisters of the Community of St John Baptist at Clewer also noted the news:

Kept as day of prayer instead of Friday 18th. The Germans made a raid on east coast, bombarding Scarborough, Whitby, & Hartlepool about 8 a.m. until a little before 9 a.m., & doing much damage.

Diaries of William Hallam (D/EX1415/22) and Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8); Annals of the Community of St John Baptist (D/EX1675/1/14/5)

Turkey declares war on Russia

The war news was bad, with the German cruiser Emden triumphant and a hospital ship wrecked by storms.

30 October 1914

“Emden” again sank Russian and French cruisers. Turkey declared war on Russia. Allies near Ostend. Red X ship destroyed on rocks by Whitby – heavy gale in North Sea. Real Russian advance.

Diary of Florence Vansittat Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)