A brave man’s death for his King and Country

A bellringer at St Andrew’s Church, Clewer, was the latest to be reported killed.

In Memoriam: Henry Wetherall. R.I.P.

We desire to express our heartfelt sympathy with Mrs. Wetherall, who has lost her husband at the Front. Henry Wetherall was one of our Bellringers, and we could ill afford to lose him.

The Chaplain has written: –

“Your husband was killed in his dug-out by a shell. I know what a blow this will be to you, but I pray that God may show you that even in this ‘all things work together for good to those who love Him.’ You have the pride and the joy of knowing that he died a brave man’s death for his King and Country. I buried him on September 8, in the little village of Boeringhe, in Belgium, in sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to Eternal Life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. He was buried alongside of some of his Comrades, and the Police, to whom he belonged, have erected a Cross over his grave. May God comfort and bless you in your great need.

F. W. HEAD, Chaplain of the Guards Division.

Clewer parish magazine, October 1917 (D/P39/28A/9)


Special services for soldiers in Winkfield

The Royal West Kent Regiment had been stationed in Winkfield for a couple of months.

The 4th West Kent Regiment have now left the neighbourhood, and the four Companies that during the last nine Sundays have been attending our Church at 9.40 for Church parade, were addressed by their Chaplain on their last Sunday here, January 24th.

We were very glad to hold these special services for the men, whose behaviour was always excellent, and our thanks are due to the Sidesmen and other gentlemen who helped in the necessary arrangements. Special thanks must be given to Mr. Clayton who at a good deal of inconvenience bicycled over very early to take the organ, to Mr. Wetherall who undertook the work of organ blower at every service, and to Mr. Head who regularly at the close of each service collected and put away the special hymn books used by the men.

Winkfield section of Winkfield District Magazine, February 1915 (D/P151/28A/7/2)