Death of a VC

Just ten days ago, Florence Vansittart Neale rejoiced over Reginald Warneford‘s feat. Now she heard of his tragic death.

18 June 1915
Death of Warneford, VC, trying an airship in Paris.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)

The great feat of Reginald Warneford

Lt Reginald Warneford became a national hero when he single handedly brought down a Zeppelin. Florence Vansittart Neale was one of those awed by his feat. Tragically, he was killed in a plane crash ten days later.

8 June 1915

Up to London by early train… Edith & I to Church Army about parcels for prisoners.

Great feat by Warneford – destroyed, destroyed a Zeppelin, blew it up. He turned turtle – alighted enemy soil but got away to home. King given him VC.

I heard a nice story of our submarines in the Dardanelles. It would not torpedo a ship as it saw women on board – but stoped it & asked for vegetables & paid for them! Much to the astonishment of the Turks!

Also a German posted a card telling of the whereabouts of a young Gladstone, as he has kindly done the same for Germans!

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)