The cause of righteousness, against the reign of force

The parish of Theale hoped for peace as 1915 began.

The following names have to be added to those already published in the Parish Magazine:-

Sec. Lieut. R. W. Walker … Army Service Corps.
Montague Roberts … … 2nd Life Guards.
William Alfred Morland … A.S.C.
Ernest Harry Morland … A.S.C.
William John Dyer … A.S.C.
William Ernest Quelch … Royal Berks Reserve.

We still wish each other a Happy New Year, but out most heartfelt wishes and prayers go out for our Country and our Empire, and for the Cause for which we and our Allies are fighting – the Cause of Righteousness, and Honour, and Freedom, against the Reign of Force.

By God’s Help, may the year of our Lord 1915 witness the Victory of our Arms, and the Restoration of Peace to the World.

Theale parish magazine, January 1915 (D/P132B/28A/4)

The national crisis affects healthcare

Maidenhead Cottage Hospital responded to the war by cutting spending and restricting general admissions to the most urgent cases.

14th August 1914
No extra bedsteads to be installed.
Captain Pretyman proposed & Mr. Walker seconded that owing to the present national crisis that beyond installing the bedsteads already ordered, the further use of the extension be deferred for the present…

Admission of urgent cases.
Dr. Spurrier proposed & Captain Pretyman seconded that a letter be sent to the members of the Hon. Medical staff asking them that in view of the present national crisis, & the desire of the Board to keep down expenses, & also owing to the difficulty in procuring surgical dressings that they would recommend for admission only cases requiring urgent treatment.

Meanwhile, work was progressing to get private homes like Bisham Abbey ready to serve as dedicated war hospitals.

14 August 1914
Large Red X meeting. Nurse Burlton came down & Dr Downe came. Cleared stone hall. Beds & bedding arriving. Promises called in.

Maidenhead Cottage Hospital governors’ minutes (D/H1/1/2, p. 271); Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)