New Year wish for a complete victory for us and our allies

An Earley parish reflected on the wartime uses of its hall.


The uses to which our Hall has been put during the past year are many and varied; parochial work, meetings and drills for the Volunteer Force and Police Reserves, concerts for the soldiers, entertainments for the wounded, social evenings for other good objects, all have had their turn…

The Committee… wish everyone a very Happy New Year, with a hope that this may be realized in the way we so much desire; i.e. a complete victory for us and our allies, leading to an abiding peace.

Earley St Peter parish magazine, January 1916 (D/P191/28A/23/1)


Absent for military service

A Reading teacher is absent as he trains for possible military deployment:

21st June 1915
Mr Curtis was away having been indisposed after a Field Day with his Volunteer Corps, returned in afternoon.

Reading St Giles Boys School log book (R/ES2/9, p. 218)