The great public benefit resulting from the stricter regulations and control of the liquor traffic during the War

Would the end of the war see a return to laxer regulation of pubs?

25th February, 1919.

A circular letter was read from the Guardians of the Uxbridge Union with a resolution recognising the great public benefit resulting from the stricter regulations and control of the liquor traffic during the War and urging upon the Government the necessity of a progressive continuance of such stricter regulations and control.

Minutes of Wantage Board of Guardians (G/WT1/23, p. 377)

Magnificently maintaining the British tradition through dangers and hardships

News of Reading men:


We desire to offer our hearty congratulations to Lieut. W. D. Hart of the Royal Marine Artillery, who has been awarded the Military Cross for gallantry in the field. Lieutenant Hart, MC, joined the RMA in August 1915, and obtained his commission in October 1916. Before the war he attended the Young men’s Bible Class, and was a valued member of our Church Choir.

Our friend Private F. Snell is once more in the No. 1 War Hospital, Reading, for treatment. We trust the operation which he must undergo may be successful, and that we may ere long have the pleasure of welcoming him back into our midst.

Private Hedley Wyles has been in hospital in Dublin. We are glad to know that he is now better, and able to resume his duties with the Royal Wiltshire Regiment.

Private Duncan Frame has gone to France with the Hants Regiment. Our thoughts and prayers go with him and the many other Broad Street “boys”, who are so magnificently maintaining the British tradition.

We were glad to have Lieutenant Oswald Francis, MC, worshipping with us once more when he was recently home on furlough, and to know that he has come safely through his many dangers and hardships.

Private E. G. Emmett is at the RAF Armament School at Uxbridge, hoping to qualify as an Instructor in Machine Gunnery. It was a pleasure to see him looking so well when he was on furlough a few days ago.

Reading Broad Street Congregational Magazine, October 1918 (D/N11/12/1/14)

Maidenhead lads in army training

Two Maidenhead men from the same church were doing well in the armed forces.


Our heartiest congratulations to David Dalgleish. After about six months at the front, he has been sent home to be put into training for a Commission, and will probably for awhile be stationed at Uxbridge.

Hugh Lewis has completed a courses of training at Esher, and has returned to his Unit, the East Anglican Engineers, who are stationed at Maidenhead.

Maidenhead Congregational magazines (D/N33/12/1/5)