Closed for influenza

More Berkshire schools were affected.

Little Coxwell
Nov. 8th

The school will be closed by order of the Education Committee, owing to an outbreak of Influenza.


School closed for two weeks on account of the Influenza Epidemic.

Log books ofLittle Coxwell CE School (C/EL80); Upton CE School (C/EL48/2)

Numbers so low, and sickness so rife

Influenza was taking its toll, and many schools would miss out on celebrating the armistice as a result.

4th November 1918

On Monday 4th November only 22 boys presented themselves at school. I informed the Correspondent (Rev G.S Crawford) and he communicated with the B.E.C. The Secretary of the B.E.C acting on the advice of the school Medical Officer advised the closing of the school until Nov 18th.

4th November 1918

School re-assembled as usual this morning but as the numbers were so low, and sickness so rife Dr Patterson ordered the school to close for a week longer.

4. XI.18

Henry Roberts and Francis Webb had their marks cancelled during the morning as they appeared to be suffering from influenza.

Nov 4th

I, Alice Andrews, take up my duties here as Head Mistress.
Owing to Influenza only 30 children assembled – sent for the Rector who advised me to wire to Reading – dismissed children to await instructions.

Boyne Hill
Nov: 4th

School reopened at 9 am with 172 present out of 201. The MOH has been notified.
The building has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
Children have again been dismissed until Nov: 11th.

Log books of Sonning Boys school (89/SCH/1/2); Braywick CE School (C/EL65/4); Upton CE School (C/EL48/2); Milton CE School (D/P85/25/25); Boyne Hill Girls’ CE School (C/EL121/3);

Flag day

Great Coxwell
1st November 1918

‘Flag Day’. Time-table not strictly adhered to.

East Ilsley
1st November 1918

Six children excluded on account of influenza being in the house.

1, XI. 18
Attendance Poor – influenza

Great Coxwell CE School log book (C/EL81/2, p. 83); East Ilsley CE School log book (C/EL39/1, p. 488; Upton CE School log book (C/EL48/2)

Postcards for the wounded

Florence Vansittart Neale and friends had a visit from some badly wounded soldiers.

13 November 1916

Mary & I went to Marlow & bought postcards for the wounded.

15 arrived with Lieut. Upton, some badly wounded. Usual arrangements. All rather tired. Lady Innes, Mary & Edie came to help.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale of Bisham Abbey (D/EX73/3/17/8)

Four Earley men lost at sea

More Earley men had joined up, while several sailors from the parish had lost their lives in the Battle of Jutland.


The following additional names have been added to our prayer list:
Stuart Adams, Joseph Corby, Ernest Attewell, Alfred Wilson, Frank Lloyd, Ernest Farmer, Percy Childs, William Childs, Archibald Childs, Vincent Robertson, Charles Silver, Alfred Soper, William Martin, Reuben Martin, Arthur Jermey, Leonard Upton, Alfred Bolton, Frank Masser, Thomas Bluring, William Sales, William Cane, George Allen, Arthur Palmer, Walter Hayward, William Wells, Arthur Eighteen, Frederick Seymour, Frank Ambrose, George Freeman.

In addition to those already mentioned we especially commend the following to your prayers:

Sick and Wounded: George Hiscock, William Purdue.
Killed: Hilton Parker, Thomas Brown.
Lost at Sea: Harry Tillin, Harry Stevens, Percy Baker, Percy Bunday.

Earley St Peter parish magazine, July 1916 (D/P191/28A/31/7)