Loyal Christian Indians and Ugandans

The British Empire’s contribution to the war effort was a significant one. The Germans had hoped that colonial unrest would be to their advantage, but instead, many men from across the Empire volunteered, from all faiths. Here is the response to that, perhaps unexpected, loyalty, in Berkshire, from a Christian missionary perspective:

This cutting from our newspapers will be read with interest by those who follow the missionary work of our church and its results in the steady character of the Christian populace of India during the time of unrest. If all had remained as loyal as the Christian portion and those influenced by it, Germany would never have deceived herself with the thought of a rising in India.

Reuter’s Agency understands that, according to information which has reached this country, the Katikiro or Prime Minister of Uganda, Sir Apollo Kagwa, has announced his intention of placing himself at the head of an army of 5000 men to march against the Germans.

Sir Apollo Kagwa was one of the earliest Christian converts. He is reported to have brought a body of chiefs and warriors, nearly all Christians, to the number of 30,000, and placed them at the disposal of the Governor.

Sulhamstead parish magazine, February 1915 (D/EX725/3)