“I wonder what the Archangel Michael thinks of destroyers and aeroplanes”

The Bishop of Peterborough and his wife wrote to their son Ralph, serving in the Dardanelles, with the latest news of political developments at home, and an encounter with two disillusioned soldiers serving with the Canadian forces. See here for more about Munro.

Nov 13 [1915]
The Palace

My darling Ralph

Thank you so much for your great letter to me of Nov 2nd & telling us of your going off in the Destroyer on work – & that we possibly may catch you by a letter to Marseilles – so here it is.
You will indeed have a good experience – & going about in this way will be full of new interest – but I can understand your reluctance to leave General Headquarters. I see that General Munro is gone to Salonika, & when I saw it in today’s papers, I wondered if you would have gone there with him – but you will not have gone off on your “destroyer cruise” before he left.

Everyone tells us that Munro is first rate & I heard also that in France he did a job that Haig got praised for & held a tough corner & saved us at one time, & then was not as fully appreciated for it as he should have been.

Your name appears in today’s Times, with K’s and 3 or 4 others, as “persecuted” by HM to wear your Servian & Russian orders – so there you are!

God bless & keep you
Your loving father
E C Peterborough

Nurses prefer war hospitals to working with civilians

Staffing at the Queen Victoria Institute for District Nursing, which provided healthcare for families in the Reading area, was disrupted by the loss of trained staff to military hospitals:

8th March 1915

The Honorary Secretary reported that Nurses Jones and Linton were still away on military service, that Miss Timms was continuing to do the Tuberculosis work and that the other members of the staff were as stated at the last meeting but that he had on the previous day received from Miss Pullen on the ground that she wished to nurse in a War Hospital, Miss Cholmondeley on the ground that she had been offered and had accepted the post of Superintendent of one of the Homes in Toronto, Canada, belonging to the Committee under whom she had formerly worked.

Minutes of Queen Victoria Institute for District Nursing, Reading (D/QX23/1/2, p. 155)