Flashlights at the Admiralty

Florence Vansittart Neale had heard various stories of spy scares, plus possibly more reliable, stories of naval actions.

18 February 1915

Heard better news of Jack Farrer…

Percival’s arm very badly fractured. D.D. not hopeful about patients!

Phyllis tells me she heard Mrs Parkes (Lord K’s sister)saw a flash light opposite her lodgings – she watched (it came each night) & found he worked at the Admiralty. She reported it to the police but they said it was a photographer & no harm, but on her saying unless it was looked into at once she would go instantly to the W.O. to her brother to report, they took it up, & the man was sent to Parkstone ever soon after & shot.

Christine Carpendale met the Captain of the Tiger’s wife. She said he was dead beat after the engagement. Their funnel was very nearly taken off – several of the German shells did not explode at all.

The Captain of the Blucker was caught & hemmed in by a shell knocking something on top of him but their final shell removed the obstacle. So he was saved & taken prisoner but has died since.

Also Gladys tells me there are 8 flashlights of the Admiralty’s, & they suspected a 9th unaccounted for, so the order one night was all to stop 5 min: earlier. All did but one. They hunted it down & found where it was & took the man.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)

Soldiers and sailors from Earley

The roll of honour of Earley parish was quite an impressive one even this early in the war.

The following are the names of the sailors and soldiers on the roll of this parish. A note of interrogation signifies that the name of the regiment or ship has not been furnished us.

On Active Service

Albert Ernest Allnutt HMS Iron Duke
Arthur Sidney Allnutt
James Allen Royal Berks. Regiment
Ernest Brown Ryl Oxfordshire Regt.
Edward Brown HMS Weymouth
George Bond Royal Berks. Regiment
Cecil Caulfield Royal Scottish Rifles
Herbert Collier Ryl Oxfordshire Regt.
Alfred Eyres Royal Berks. Regiment
Edward Fisher Grenadier Guards
Thomas Fullbrook HMS Blake
Stephen Gibbons ?
Alfred Gibbings Royal Navy
Sydney George Gough HMS Glasgow
Charles Samuel Gough HMS Larne
William Golding Royal Field Artillery
William Grace Life Guards
Edgar Robert Gunningham HMS Amphitrite
Ernest Holton (Surgeon) HMS Goliath
James Hussey Royal Berks. Regiment
Percy Walter Hewett HMS Fearless
Ernest Albert King Rifle Brigade
William James Kinchin Royal Berks. Regiment
Leonard Love Royal Horse Artillery
William Walter Love HMS Venerable
Thomas Pilkington Norris Royal Engineers
Edward Parvin HMS Tiger
William Henry Pomeroy HMS Magnificent
William Poffley Grenadier Guards
Ralph Pusey Grenadier Guards
Albert Povey Royal Berks. Regiment
Edward Price Royal Berks. Regiment
George William Rixon HMS Euryalus
Francis Harry Stevens HMS Euryalus
William Davis Stevens Ryl. Warwickshire Regt.
Lieut. Robert Sturgess HMS Exmouth
Lieut. Austin Charlewood Turner Connaught Rangers (P.O.W)
Joseph Tull Rifle Brigade
Harry Wise Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders (wounded)
Charles Henry White Royal Berks. Regiment
Frederick Charles Edwards HMS Bramble on service in