Four Earley men lost at sea

More Earley men had joined up, while several sailors from the parish had lost their lives in the Battle of Jutland.


The following additional names have been added to our prayer list:
Stuart Adams, Joseph Corby, Ernest Attewell, Alfred Wilson, Frank Lloyd, Ernest Farmer, Percy Childs, William Childs, Archibald Childs, Vincent Robertson, Charles Silver, Alfred Soper, William Martin, Reuben Martin, Arthur Jermey, Leonard Upton, Alfred Bolton, Frank Masser, Thomas Bluring, William Sales, William Cane, George Allen, Arthur Palmer, Walter Hayward, William Wells, Arthur Eighteen, Frederick Seymour, Frank Ambrose, George Freeman.

In addition to those already mentioned we especially commend the following to your prayers:

Sick and Wounded: George Hiscock, William Purdue.
Killed: Hilton Parker, Thomas Brown.
Lost at Sea: Harry Tillin, Harry Stevens, Percy Baker, Percy Bunday.

Earley St Peter parish magazine, July 1916 (D/P191/28A/31/7)

Children buy cigarettes for the troops

Thatcham children were pleased to get thank you notes for the tobacco and cigarettes they had sent to soldiers.

School Children’s Offerings to Soldiers at the Front.
The children of the Church of England School in Park Lane have been much pleased at receiving two acknowledgments from soldiers in France, to whom they sent offerings. They are, as usual, post-cards from somewhere in France. The first says:

“Dear Children –
Heartiest thanks from Non-commissioned Officers and men for your great kindness in forwarding tobacco and cigarettes.
With every good wish, yours sincerely, H. Trawle, A.S.C.”

The second is dated September 18th, and is evidently addressed to the Head Master, who doubtless the writer does not know, is like himself at the front serving his King and Country. It is as follows –

“Dear Sir.
Just a line thanking your scholars very much for the present of cigarettes and tobacco, which I received quite safe.
I remain, yours truly, Der. S. Soper.”

It will be remembered that the children raised a sum of 9s. by a penny collection among themselves, and forwarded it through the Oversea’s Club. This Club undertook to add 2s. to each 1s. raised, and to forward 3s. worth of tobacco and cigarettes to each soldier at the front. It is quite possible that other acknowledgments may still arrive.

Thatcham parish magazine, October 1915 (D/P130/28A/1)