Bereaved again in the war

The Sutton family lost a second son.

22 January 1918

It was moved by the Chairman, seconded by the Revd. R. Wickham Legg & unanimously resolved: – “that the Committee of the Reading Dispensary Trust have heard with great regret that their President Mr Leonard Sutton has again been bereaved in the war, his son 2nd Lieut. R. G. Sutton, of the 7th Rifle Brigade, “having been killed”. They wish to express their deep sympathy with Mr Sutton & his family in this sad loss.

Reading Dispensary Trust minutes (D/QRD1/11)


Great regret and deep sympathy

There was widespread sympathy for the prominent Sutton family’s loss.

4 December 1917

It was moved by the Chairman, seconded by Mr. Holmes & unanimously resolved:-

“That the committee of The Reading Dispensary Trust wish to express the great regret which they have felt on hearing of the death of Lieut. Victor Sutton, the fourth son of the President, Mr. L. G. Sutton & they desire to express their deep sympathy with him & his family”.

The secretary was requested to send a copy of this Resolution to the President.

Reading Dispensary Trust minutes (D/QRD1/11, pp. 409-410)