Make the Wargrave Roll of Honour perfect

Many parishes regularly published a Roll of Honour of those serving. One of these was Wargrave, and July saw the publication of Part 2 of their list:

The Roll of Honour for The Parish of Wargrave

Luker, Ernest, VIII Hussars
F Mance, Robert. Army Services Corps.
F Milford, John. R.F.A.
F Morse, George. Royal Berks Regt.
F Nicholl, Charles. Major. Oxfordshire Hussars.
Nicholl, Kenneth. Capt. Welsh Fusiliers
F Nicholls, Albert. Royal Berks Regt
Noble, Eric Heatley. 2nd Lieut. Grenadier Guards
Noble, Norris Heatley. 2nd Lieut. Kings Royal Rifles
F Ogbourne, Harry. 1st Life Guards.
F Over, Reginald. Lce-Corp. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Parritt, William John. Lce-Corp R.E.
Paget, Colin. Wiltshire Territorials
F Perry, George Edwin. Scotch Greys
Piggott, George. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Pithers, James. VIII Royal Berks Regt
Plested, Herbert. Royal Berks Regt
Plested, Albert. Royal Berks Regt
Plowman, Thomas Austen. Berks Yeomanry
Porter, Albert E. Army Service Corps
F Pugh, Ernest. Royal Berks Regt
Rhodes, John Edward. Lt-Col. Princess Beatrice’s Isle of Wight Rifles
Rhodes, Wilfred. Major. Provost Marshal on Staff
F Rhodes, Victor. Capt. Late Sherwood Foresters
Remnant, John. Lieut. Royal Berks Regt
Rayner, John. 2nd Lieut. Royal Berks Regt
Reid, George William. Royal Berks Regt
Richardson, Fred. Berks Yeomanry
Rideout, Henry Randall. Expeditionary Force’s Canteen
Rixon, Charles. Royal Berks Regt
F Rixon, Walter. Royal Berks Regt
Rufey, William. Royal Berks Regt
F Shepherd, Henry. Capt. IX C of London Regt
F Schuster, Leonard Francis. Lieut. 3rd County of London Yeomanry
Sinclair, Gerald John. 2nd Lieut. Black Watch
Sanson, Gordon Ralph. Hon. Artillery Co.
F Sharp, Ernest Gladstine. VIII Dragoon Guards
Sharp, Samuel. Lee-Corp. Welsh Fusiliers
F Sharp, William. Army Service Corps
Shaw, George. Royal Berks Regt
F Shersby, Edward. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Sherwood, Fred. Royal Berks Regt
Silver, Frank. Army Services Corps
Silver, Harry. R.F.A.
F Silvey, Stephen. R.A.M.C.
Slatter, T. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Slattery, Udolph Wolfe. 2nd Lieut. IX West Kent Regt
Smith, George Frederick. Veterinary Corps
Stanbridge, Albert. Irish Fusiliers
F Stone, Samuel Philip. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
F Swanborough, Alfred. Army Services Corps
F Symons-Jeune, Bertram. Lieut. Army Service Corps
Talbot, Arthur. Corpl. IInd Royal Berks Regt
F Talbot, Anthony George. XCIIth Lancers
F Talbot, Albert. Army Services Corps
Tigwell, Monty. Royal Berks Regt
F Watson, Burton. Major. 107th Pioneers, Indian Army
F Watson, Cyril. Captain. Middlesex Husaars
Walsh, Gordon Herbert. Lieut. Royal Sussex Regt
Wakefield, Caleb. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Wakefield, Cecil. Royal Berks Regt
F Warby, Albert H. XIIth Lancers
F Webb, George. Rifle Brigade
Weller, David. R.F.A.
Woodruff, Charles Herbert. Xth Regt Cavelry

Warren Row In the Parish of Knowl Hill


Chocolate and cigarettes for the troops: Harvest offerings

The collections at Wargrave Church’s Harvest Festival in 1914 were divided between normal peacetime charities and war-related ones, with various gifts for the troops. The October issue of the parish magazine provides more information about the plans, while the November issue reports on the reality of the occasion. The church was a temporary one because the historic parish church had been burned down on 1 June 1914 in a mysterious arson attack believed to have been suffragettes. No one was ever convicted.

October 1914

Harvest Festival: Special Notice:

The temporary Church will be suitably decorated, but it will not be possible to use the large amount of fruit and flowers usually sent. It is recognised that the security of our harvest, under the Province of God, is largely due to the heroic efforts of our sailors and soldiers, and it is proposed to recognise this by placing two large boxes at the entrance to the Church, into which gifts of cigarettes (in packets of 10), pipes, tobacco, and chocolate in packets (not milk chocolate), can be placed by members of the congregation. These will be sent to the men of Berkshire Regiment and Oxfordshire Regiment at the Front, and also to all Wargrave men serving on H. M.’s ships. Such gifts have been specifically asked for, and those who usually give fruit and flowers are invited to help in this way. Children are also asked to bring such gifts to the Children’s Service.
B. S. Batty, Vicar

Crazies Hill Notes

Harvest Festival: People ought to try to make much of the Harvest Thanksgiving this year. It means such a lot to us. We have begun to realize the value of the good things of the earth, and how for our very existence we depend on God’s bounty.

November 1914

Our Harvest Festival Services were held on October 4th. The collections and offertories amounted to £17. 2s. 7d., which were divided between the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Society and the Royal Berkshire Hospital at Reading.

The collections in kind amounted to 1550 cigarettes, 26lbs. of tobacco, 160 pipes, a large quantity of chocolate, and matches, which were sent to the Berks Regiment, the Oxford Light Infantry, and our sailors in the Navy. Many letters of grateful acknowledgement have been received by Mr Batty.

Crazies Hill Notes
The annual Harvest Festival Services went off very well indeed. People have most liberally in money and kind. We got over 2000 cigarettes for our soldiers, besides a good deal of useful chocolate and writing paper.

Wargrave parish magazine, October and November 1914 (D/P145/28A/31)