A pretty wedding at Bisham

Nurse Elizabeth Vansittart Neale, co-heiress of Bisham Abbey, had enjoyed a wartime romance with 27 year old officer Leo Paget, and today was their wedding day – at Bisham Church. Mother Florence’s diary entry was brief:

20 October 1917

Bubs’ wedding day.

However, she went into more detail in another book she kept.

20th October 1917
Elizabeth married Capt Leo Paget – Rifle Brigade. Wedding took place in Bisham Church – very pretty – good music with Dr. Bath at organ & Marlow choir boys to reinforce ours.

Over 60 guests at luncheon, almost all relations.

Bridal pair repaired [?] to Reading to Malets Cottage at Norcot–Lynton [?].

Young Paget came over on leave from the front in France – he arrived the day before the wedding- he had 2 weeks leave (4 days extra for marriage).

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale of Bisham Abbey (D/EX73/3/17/8); Bisham estate memorandum book (D/EX73/1/8/2, p. 222)

Consternation as Germany defies the world

Sydney Spencer reports on reactions to the war in Stubbings:

August 9th 1914
I am over at Sweethayes [a friend’s house in Littlewick Green] for the day as I am playing [the organ] at Stubbings (Camley Corner) Church for Bissley. I am to get 19/6 for playing. I have got through this morning’s service without more trouble than a slip or two on the notes during the first part of the service. I got to the church at 10.30 & went to the vicar who altered all the hymns & the psalms. I suggested that we should have the National Anthem after the service, accordingly we did so. The war is filling all with consternation, but as the days go on I begin to feel much quieter & more able to think on these terrible days of anxiety. Germany has defied the world almost & done many actions which cannot be but be looked upon as mean and low.

Diary of Sydney Spencer of Cookham (D/EX801/12)