Schools lose teachers and premises to the forces

Several Berkshire schools lost teachers to army service as the autumn term started on 31 August 1914, while one school (attached to the garrison at Windsor) closed entirely, and another, in Reading, closed for a short period.

Windsor Royal Free Boys’ School
Reopened school with all the staff present.  Admitted several boys from Garrison School which has been closed in consequence of the war.

Wokingham Road School, Reading
Wokingham Road School having again been requisitioned for military purposes, I am authorised by the Chairman to say that the whole school is to be closed from 4 o’clock this afternoon until further notice.

Hurst CE Boys’ School
School reopened.  Mr Newitt, having been called up for service with territorials, has terminated his duties here.

Crowthorne C.E. School
School re opened this morning at 9. Mr Whittingham being a member of the territorial force has been called up for duty, on account of the outbreak of the European War. All the other members of the staff were present.

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