Reorganising the Band after the Crisis of the War

Newbury United Temperance Band was one of many organisations to close down during the war. The meeting on the 29th was inconclusiv, and the band was never re-formed.


A Trustee meeting of the Band was held in the Lwecture Hall on Thursday evening the 15th May at 8 pm….

The meeting was called with a view of reorganising the Band after the Crisis of the War, which had necessitated the breaking up of it for that period. After a good deal of consultation it was … carried that the Band be reformed & that all previous members & musicians who are Total Abstainers be invited to meet the trustees on Thursday evening, May 29th, at 7 pm on the Lecture Hall. This to be done by letter to all previous members & by advertisement in the Newbury Weekly News.

The secretary was instructed to write to Mrs E L Michell a letter of sympathy for her bereavement.

Newbury United Temperance Band Committee minutes (N/D58/1/2)

News of Newbury men

More Newbury men joined the forces.

O.N’s in His Majesty’s Forces.
List No. 12.
Additional Names.

ALDERSON, Cadet C. B., R.A.F.
CHURCH, Pte. A. E., Artists’ Rifles.
GIBSON, Gunner J. M., R.G.A.
KENDRICK, 2nd A. M., P.A., R.N.A.S.
MICHELL, Lance-Corpl. C., Royal Warwick Regiment.
NEW, Cadet G. H., R.A.F.
NEWMAN, Gunner, 1/1st Wessex Heavy Battery.
STRADLING, Cadet A. W. G., R.A.F.
SUMMERS, Cadet S., R.A.F.


BLAND, Cadet, W. H., to be 2nd Lieut., R.A.F.
CHURCH, 2nd Lieut. E. H., R.A.F., to be Lieutenant.
DAVIDSON, Corpl. I. C., Worcester Regiment, to be Sergeant.
HUDSON, 2nd Lieut. N. A., Leicester Regiment, to Lt. Adjt.
PARKER, Cadet G. L., to be Probationary 2nd Lieut., R.A.F.
PLENTY, Capt. E. P., R.A.F., to be Major.
ROBERTS, Pte. E. E., Civil Service Rifles, to be Lce.-Corpl.
ROSLING, Capt. D. W., The King’s Liverpool Regiment, to be Major.
TANNER, Cadet, W. J. V., to be 2nd Lieut., Royal Berkshire Regiment, attached Royal Warwick Regiment.
WEBB, Lieut. O. S., M.C., R.E., to be Captain.
YALDEN, Sergt. E. C., 7th Middlesex Regiment, to be 2nd Lieut., 7th Middlesex Regiment.

Honours.- Croix de Guerre.

BURGESS, Lieut. N .G., R.N.R.

Mentioned in Despatches.

ALLEE, Capt. J., A.S.C.
HALL, Lieut. G. W., R.G.A.

Reported Killed, Now Wounded and Prisoner of War.

MICHELL, Lnce.-Corpl. C., Royal Warwick Regiment


BROWN, Lieut. A. B. V., 3/17th London Regiment.
DAVIDSON, Sergt. I. C., Worcester Regiment.
FUNNELL, Pte. F., 10th Royal Fusiliers.
SANDBACH, Sergt. A. L., 2nd South African Horse.

Lost at Sea.

BURGESS, Lieut. N. G., Croix de Guerre, R.N.R.

Accidentally Killed.


Killed in Action.

HALLEN, Corpl. J V. 1st Surrey Rifles.
MORTIMER, Pte F. C., 4th North Staffordshire Regiment.

The Newburian (magazine of St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury), July 1918 (N/D161/1/8)

A band tries to struggle on “until better times”

Newbury United Temperance Band was struggling as more than half of its members had joined the armed forces. The brass band comprised only musicians who were total abstainers from alcohol.

Thursday July 1st 1915

The Bandmaster Mr E L Michell reported that 16 members had left the band for reasons of the war or left the town & 15 members remained.

The Treasurer read an audited balance sheet of the Band’s finances, showing deficit of 16/-. Discussion took place as to the advisability of suspending the band owing to the expenses incurred in continuing same, the chief being the rent of the Band room & Bandmaster’s salary, but it was thought ill-advised to discontinue same if these two big liabilities could be curtailed…

Mr E L Michell very graciously offered his services as Bandmaster free [underlined] until such time as the Band under normal conditions could afford to pay him. This of course the Committee heartily approved & applauded.

Under these circumstances the Committee decided to continue running the Band…

A letter was subsequently sent to their landlord:

You will no doubt not be surprised to hear that owing to the war the Band is in serious financial difficulties and the committee hardly know what to do.

It would they feel be a great pity to disband as it is always so difficult to restart anything that has once lapsed.

Under the circumstances it is however impossible to go on, there are hardly any playing members left, this making it almost impossible to play out or accept engagements, this of course means there are no funds to meet current expenses.

The committee of course are responsible for the rent and will see that your Company is duly paid, but they wonder if you would allow the Band to vacate the practise room and let Mr Michell remain as tenant of the cottage. This would relieve the committee’s responsibilities a good deal and we think it would be possible to find a room free for the few who remain to practice in until better times.

Newbury United Temperance Band Committee minutes (N/D58/1/2)