Good work with wounded soldiers will be appreciated

The Knowl Hill section of the Wargrave parish magazine reports that one female parishioner had joined the ranks of those nursing wounded soldiers. Meanwhile, the local school was struggling to find staff under war conditions.

We are much pleased to hear that Mrs. Firbank, who has been earnestly preparing for such work during several years, is now helping as Nurse at the Parkwood Home for Convalescent Soldiers. We believe her good work will be more and more highly appreciated.

In the June Magazine we expressed a hope that, in spite of difficulties through the war, we should for long have a settled and successful School Staff. At the last moment and in a very strange way Miss Messenger who had accepted the situation of an assistant, wrote to cancel her acceptance. The Berks Education Committee Secretary expressed displeasure at the way in which the School Managers had been treated. We are thankful that we are now receiving good help from Miss Hewitt, who has come as Supply Teacher, but she can only stay for a few weeks only.

Wargrave parish magazine, July 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)