The position today is internationally fluid

Lt Alexander Muir McGrigor may not have got the job for which he was recommended here (to relieve Ralph Glyn for other work), but he later served as ADC to Sir Ian Hamilton and then General Birdwood.


26/8 [1915]

Dear Glyn

I am sorry it could not be arranged for you to get away tonight.
Gen Maude is of course entitled to 2 ADCs and in these strenuous days I think he will not find 2 too many – as one may easily be out of action any time from indisposition or other causes. He has one coming out from England. To make suggestions to anyone about their personal staff is an act so tactless that I hold it in horror – but I may mention to you in case Gen Maude were looking for a temp or perm. ADC – the name of 2/Lt A M McGRIGOR – Glos Yeo. He is about 24 or 25 – not sure – but has been in India, knows camp life & tropics, also business training & would do well for mess, camp & other arrangements.

Whether Gen Peyton can spare him I do not know, but you could easily ascertain. He is out with 2/Mountdiv. If you were by chance to find a relief & Gen Maude could free you, let me know.

The position is today – internationally – fluid. Into what mould it will be cast, & crystallise, will greatly depend on the next few days. They are momentous. I know you think with me.

Yours ever
G H Pollen

Letter from G H Pollen to Ralph Glyn (D/EGL/C31/16)