Useful work

The War Savings Association at Cookham Dean School had started a little too late to attract all potential local members.

The War Savings Association, under the care of Miss Lomas, is doing useful work, though the number of contributors is not very large. The fact is that several of the children and others were already making use of the Post Office for the same purpose. Payments are received at the School, on Tuesdays, at 4 p.m.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, June 1917 (D/P43B/28A/11)

War Savings Associations in Cookham schools

Schools in Cookham were keen to embark on war savings schemes with the children and their parents.

Acting under the advice from the Education Authority, at Reading, War-Savings Associations have been formed in connection with the Schools (Mr. H. Edwards, Hon. Sec.; Mr. James Tuck, Hon. Treasurer). Sums from 1d to 15/6 may be paid in once a week. Miss Lomas has kindly undertaken to issue Coupon Cards and to receive payments from residents and children of Cookham Dean, on Tuesdays, at the Schoolroom, from 4 to 4.30pm, commencing Tuesday, April 3rd. Arrangements for receiving payments are also in force at Cookham Rise and at Cookham School.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, April 1917 (D/P43B/28A/11)

Helping wounded horses

Children in Cookham Dean were not only making pillows for the wounded – they collected money to help wounded cavalry and transport horses.

The School children having received a request to make a collection for the R.S.P.C.A. Fund in aid of the horses wounded in the War have, in the kindness of their hearts, taken up the cause with enthusiasm, and in a very few days collected the sum of £1, which has been sent to the funds of the society.

The school children have been instrumental in making fifteen soft pillows for the wounded in the War. Miss Lomas is most grateful to all who have kindly sent material of various kinds used in making them.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, April 1916 (D/P43B/28A/11)