“Going on as well as can be expected”, having lost a foot

Two Cookham Dean officers had been wounded, while another had received promotion.

The Roll of Honour.
2nd Lieut. Gerald Badger Clark has been most seriously wounded and has been obliged to lose his left foot: Sergeant Luker has also been wounded in his left wrist: both are going on as well as can be expected. Lieut. R. H. Kersey, A.S.C., is gazetted Captain.

Cookham Dean parish magazine, August 1916 (D/P43B/28A/11)

Cookham Dean’s roll of honour

As the year drew to a close, Cookham Dean announced the latest roll of honour of parishioners serving their country (carefully listed by rank).  Two (tragically, members of the same family) had already paid the ultimate price:

Roll of Honour
The Roll of Honour has been carefully revised, corrected and added to and it contains, it is believed, a complete list of those who have offered themselves from Cookham Dean and Pinkneys Green for the service of their country.
Major Herbert Clark – London Royal Field Artillery
Major C Crookshank – Royal Engineers
Major J Henderson – Army Ordnance Dept
Capt. Tomlinson – Cavalry Reserve of Officers
Lieut. Reginald Geard – XVth Lancers (Indian Army)
Lieut. Cecil Saunders – Royal Flying Corps
Sec. Lieut. Lawrence – North Staffordshire (Prince of Wales’) Regiment
Sec. Lieut. Hewitt Pitt – Royal Field Artillery
Sec. Lieut. Russell Simmons – 3rd Royal Berks Regiment
Sec. Lieut. John A del Riego – 24th County of London (Queen’s) Regiment
Sec. Lieut. Randall E Hunt – Army Service Corps
Sec. Lieut. Douglas A A Geard – 3rd (King’s Own) Hussars
Sec. Lieut. Frank Snell – 6th Royal Berks Regiment
Sec. Lieut. Robert Kersey – Army Service Corps
Arthur Bampton –5th Gloucester, ASC
Henry Bishop – Royal Engineers
Ernest Blinko – 9th County of London (Queen Victoria’s) Rifles
Arthur Carter – Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
William Carter – 2nd Royal Berks Regiment
Gerald Clark – Royal Engineers (Signalling Squadron)
Donovan Deadman – County of London Sharpshooters
Arthur Dore – Lance Corporal – 4th Royal Berks Regiment
Charles Druce – 2nd Royal Berks Regiment
Cecil B Edwards – 13th County of London (Kensington) Regiment
Bertram Ellis – 28th County of London (Artists’) Regiment
Albert Franklin – Army Service Corps (Mechanical Trans.)
George Franklin – Royal Flying Corps
Jesse Garrett – Royal Berks Regiment
Alfred Grove, RN – HMS Attentive
Thomas Grove, RN – HMS Hampshire
Harry Groves – Royal Berks Regiment
Percy Harris – Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
Thomas Hatch – Army Service Corps
Albert Higgs – Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Arthur Horne – Royal Engineers
Harry Hunt – Rifle Brigade (Reported missing since Aug. 26th)
William King – Royal Field Artillery
Alan Lidderdale – Public Schools OTC
Harry Long – Royal Engineers
Archibald Luker, Sergeant, 7th West Surrey (Queen’s) Regiment
William Markham, Sergeant – 1st Royal West Kent (Queen’s Own) Regiment
William North – 3rd Royal Berks Regiment
Albert Owen – Royal Field Artillery
Charles Piercey – 4th Royal Berks Regiment
Gilbert Piercey – Army Service Corps (Mechanical Trans.)
Herbert Prince, Corporal – 3rd Royal Berks Regiment
Frank Sandalls – Royal Army Medical Corps
William Sandalls – 2nd Royal Berks Regiment (Wounded at Mons, but has since rejoined his regiment)
George Skinner – Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry
Albert Stubbles – Royal Engineers
Frederick Tuck – Royal Engineers
George Tuck – Army Service Corps
Harley Vaughan-Morgan – Inns of Court OTC (Invalided)
Scott Ware, Corporal – Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
Harold White – 4th Royal Berks Regiment
Harry White – Army Service Corps (South Midland Brigade)
Herbert Winkworth – 6th Royal Berks Regiment
James Winkworth – 1st Royal Berks Regiment
William Winkworth – Royal Field Artillery
Frederick Woodbridge – 5th Royal Berks Regiment
Harry Woodbridge – 5th Royal Berks Regiment

George Carter, killed in action September 14th
Robert Carter, killed in action November 13th

Cookham Dean parish magazine, December 1914 (D/P43B/28A/11)

Russians in England: officially denied, but…

As usual, Florence Vansittart Neale’s diary combines national and war news (and her opinions), with news of Bisham Abbey. Her war news was not entirely accurate: not only did she fervently believe the rumours of a secret Russian army training in England, but she also believed the German General Alexander von Kluck had surrendered, which was not the case.

15 September 1914
Maud Richardson, Sir George Young & a girl, Mrs Kersey, & Mrs Lawrence all to tea to see hospital…

Still pursuing & report tonight General Kluck’s army capitulated 14000! Press Bureau deny Russians ever been in England, but believe it still! Crown Prince in a fix. Passing Home Rule & Welsh Church bills!!!

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)

Death by haystacks

William Hallam of Swindon (formerly of Lockinge in Berkshire) found himself host to three young soldiers:

10 August 1914
A lot of the troops were brought into the town early this morning or last night and some of our fellows were awakened between 3 & 4 o clock this morning to put up their billetts. Amongst them the Bedford Yeomanry & the Berks, Bucks, & Oxon Terriers. These were put up down Rodbourne Lane and Gorse Hill. At 8 o clock to-night the Worcestershire Regiment of Terriers were brought in up this part of town. The D. Company were quartered in this road. We had 3 young Evesham chaps put with us and made them most comfortable & turned out of our front room for them and we got them a good supper. They went down to roll call at 10 o clock at bottom of the street, then came in and to bed.

Diary of William Hallam (D/EX1415/22)

Meanwhile in Bisham, Florence Vansittart Neale was hunting down materials for the war hospital due to be opened in Bisham Abbey:

10 August 1914
Awful description of siege of Liege. Forts still holding out. Death by haystacks!…

Edith & I drove up to Pinkneys Green. Saw Mrs Thornber & Mrs Kersey: found her arranging a work party. Had tea there. Got a good haul, bedding, old rags, etc. Mrs Hunt to be nurse.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8)