No power to pay for a sister’s season ticket

The Standing Joint Committee which oversaw Berkshire’s police were not very receptive to requests from two young policemen who had joined the army, but wanted the County Council to help subsidise their families, who were struggling without their contributions to family income.

8 January 1916

PC210, Arthur J. Wicks, joined the Army on 1 December, 1915, under the provisions of the Police (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1915. He stated that he had been contributing 2/- per week towards the support of his parents, and also paying £1.3s.9d. per quarter for his young sister’s railway season ticket from Twyford to Reading to enable her to learn dressmaking. His father is employed on the Great Western Railway and earns 18/- per week. The Sub-committee recommend that PC Weeks [sic] be informed that the committee have no power to contribute to the cost of his sister’s season ticket; and that so far as his parents are concerned, application should be made to the Army Authorities for an allowance.

PC 190, Thomas Irving, joined the Army on 1 December 1915, under the same Act, and stated that he had been contributing £1 per month to the support of his parents. His father is temporarily employed at Windsor Post Office, and earns about 27/6 per week. The Sub-committee are of opinion that any application by PC Irving for an allowance should be made by him to the Army Authorities.

Standing Joint Committee minutes (C/CL/C2/1/6)

Helping policemen’s families

Berkshire County Council’s Standing Joint Committee, which oversaw the police, met on 4 December 1915 to consider possible extra allowances for the wives and other dependant relatives of policemen who had joined the armed forces.

4 December 1915
Enlistment of Police under Police (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1915
In accordance with your instructions permission has been given to the following constables who have enlisted, viz:
PC 203 Harris
PC 213 Wheatcroft
PC 204 Harris
PC 141 Potter
PC 78 Thompson
PC 186 Newman
PC 210 Wicks
PC 215 Jeffcock
PC 41 Vile
PC 158 Giles
PC 55 Sellwood
PC 71 Wheatcroft
PC 123 Chipp
PC 65 Pottinger
PC 209 Read
PC 147 Rowland
PC 111 Offer
PC 32 Bates
PC 83 Bennett
PC 190 Irving

PC 32 Henry Bates has been contributing £2 per month towards the support of his widowed mother. The Sub-committee recommend that an allowance of 5/- per week be made to [her].

PCs 78 Thompson and 215 Jeffcock have been granted permission to marry, but this will not involve any allowance to their wives, as they will be entitled to the separation allowance from Army funds.
In regard to the allowance made to the mother of PC 36 George Eales, which was adjourned at the meeting in October for further enquiries, PC Eales having now stated that he had not regularly contributed to the support of his mother before his enlistment, the Committee have no power to continue the allowance to Mrs Eales, and it is accordingly recommended that it be discontinued.

The following are the allowances now granted…
Constable Recipient Rate per week
PC 58 Brown Mrs D. Brown (wife). 8/9
PC 105 Siney Mrs H. Siney (wife) 12/7
PC 214 Easton Mrs J. Easton (mother) 7/-
PC 216 Sparkes Mrs E. Sparkes (wife) 10/1
PC 163 Hubbard Mrs M. Hubbard (wife) 12/7

Standing Joint Committee minutes (C/CL/C2/1/5)