Death at Aden

A tragic death on the way home.


We were all much grieved to hear of the sad loss which our old friend, Mrs Hussey of 32 Northumberland Avenue, had sustained in the death of her son at Aden, when on his way home after service abroad in the army.

Reading Broad Street Congregational Magazine, May 1919 (D/N11/12/1/14)

These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War

A final list of the Wargrave men who served in the war. NB: where this symbol † appears in the list, an entry for this soldier exists in the corresponding supplement to follow.


These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War.

Additions and Corrections for this Roll should be sent to the Vicar as soon as possible.

Adby, L.
Adby, C.
Adby, W.
Adby, O.
Alderton, F. J.
Allen, C. W.
Allum, H.
Amos, G.
Andrew, H.
Arnold, A. E.
Arnold, W.
Attlesey, H. F.

Conspicuous bravery in the field

A Hare Hatch man was commended for his courage in battle.

Hare Hatch Notes

We hear with pride, the good news that Cpl. O. Hussey, the son of Mr. and Mrs. E. Hussey, Tag Lane, has distinguished himself on the field of battle. Below is a copy of the Official report from the Major General of the 7th Division.

“ 30/7/16. Cpl. O. Hussey, 95th Field Co., R.E.
“Your Commanding Officer has informed me that you
“have distinguished yourself by conspicuous bravery
“in the field on 1st July, 1916. I have read this report
“and although promotion and decoration cannot be
“given in every case, I should like you to know that
“your gallant action is recognised and greatly appre-

We heartily congratulate Orlando and trust that he may be spared to return home with greater honours.


Crazies Hill Notes:
Bravery in the Field:

Our heartiest congratulations to Lance-Corporal Herbert Richard Plested of the 1st Royal Berks Regiment who was mentioned in Despatches September, 1915, and who has now received the following letter:-

Your Commanding Officer and Brigade Commander has informed me that you have distinguished yourself by conspicuous bravery in the field on the 2nd and 28th July, 1916. I have read their reports, and, although promotion and decorations cannot be given in every case, I should like you to know that your gallant action is recognised and how greatly it is appreciated.
W.G. Walker, Major General,
August 3rd, 1916 Commanding 2nd Division.

Wargrave parish magazine, September 1916 (D/P145/28A/31)

A good report

Wargrave parishioners donated a flag for the church, while some soldiers came home on leave.

Gifts to the Church

Two Flags have been presented to the Church by the kindness of an anonymous donor: The Union Jack for all National Festivities, and St. George’s Cross for Church Festivals… We record these presents with our most grateful thanks.

The Pigott School Penny Bank – 1915

DR £ s. d.

To Balance from 1914 12 7 8
Deposits 1915 91 3 5
Bonus from Parochial Funds 1 1 10

Total £104 12 11

CR £ s. d.

By Amount paid into P.O.S.B. 14 2 0
Amount withdrawn 73 4 1
Balance in hand 17 6 10

Total £104 12 11

Number of Depositors – 80
H. Coleby, Treasurer

Notwithstanding 1915 being a year of War, the School’s Penny Bank flourished. The amounts paid into the P.O.S.B. were not so large as in former years, but the amount withdrawn was greatly in advance of that of 1914. More than one parent has expressed gratification at having a nice little sum to fall back upon when it was urgently needed.

Hare Hatch Notes

We were pleased to welcome home on leave from the front the following Walter Rixon, Orlando Hussey, Gladstone Sharp, William Arnold; each of them was able to give a good report.

Wargrave parish magazine, February 1916 (D/P145/28A/31)

Wargrave’s roll of honour

Wargrave was one of many parishes to publish a list of men serving in the parish magazine. This allowed parishioners at home to pray for them all by name.

‘The Roll of Honor for the Parish of Wargrave

The Royal Navy
Bywater, Darol. Lieut. R.N.D
Grey, Thomas Robinson. Sub-Lieut., R.N.A.A.V.C.
Blackburn, Ernest. H.M.S. Glory
Bucker, J. H.M.S. Laurel
Carr, Joseph, Fireman. Transport
Clarke, William. H.M.S. Laconia
Coleman, Charles William. H.M.S. Glasgow
Doughty, Albert. H.M.S. Irresistible
Doughty, Arthur. H.M.S. Tartar
Doughty, Herbert. H.M.S. Queen Mary
Doughty, Horace. H.M.S. Donegal
Doughty, John. H.M.S. Hindustan
George, Walter. H.M.S. Agamemnon
Haskett, Bernard. H.M.S. Jason
Haycock, Charles William. H.M.S. Ajax
Hollis, Alfred John. H.M.S. Implacable
Jemmett, Leonard Oakley. H.M.S. Galatea
Mayne, Frederick. H.M.S. Britannia
Parritt, Edward. H.M.S. Defiance
Pauline, Leonard. H.M.S. Hebe
Payne, William. H.M.S. Britannia
Pugh, Charles. H.M.S. Hibernia
Sandleford, James. H.M.S. Mars
Waldron, Jesse. H.M.S. George V.
Waldron, William. H.M.S. Dido

George, William. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Agamemnon
Pugh, Herbert. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Prince George

Soldiers and sailors from Earley

The roll of honour of Earley parish was quite an impressive one even this early in the war.

The following are the names of the sailors and soldiers on the roll of this parish. A note of interrogation signifies that the name of the regiment or ship has not been furnished us.

On Active Service

Albert Ernest Allnutt HMS Iron Duke
Arthur Sidney Allnutt
James Allen Royal Berks. Regiment
Ernest Brown Ryl Oxfordshire Regt.
Edward Brown HMS Weymouth
George Bond Royal Berks. Regiment
Cecil Caulfield Royal Scottish Rifles
Herbert Collier Ryl Oxfordshire Regt.
Alfred Eyres Royal Berks. Regiment
Edward Fisher Grenadier Guards
Thomas Fullbrook HMS Blake
Stephen Gibbons ?
Alfred Gibbings Royal Navy
Sydney George Gough HMS Glasgow
Charles Samuel Gough HMS Larne
William Golding Royal Field Artillery
William Grace Life Guards
Edgar Robert Gunningham HMS Amphitrite
Ernest Holton (Surgeon) HMS Goliath
James Hussey Royal Berks. Regiment
Percy Walter Hewett HMS Fearless
Ernest Albert King Rifle Brigade
William James Kinchin Royal Berks. Regiment
Leonard Love Royal Horse Artillery
William Walter Love HMS Venerable
Thomas Pilkington Norris Royal Engineers
Edward Parvin HMS Tiger
William Henry Pomeroy HMS Magnificent
William Poffley Grenadier Guards
Ralph Pusey Grenadier Guards
Albert Povey Royal Berks. Regiment
Edward Price Royal Berks. Regiment
George William Rixon HMS Euryalus
Francis Harry Stevens HMS Euryalus
William Davis Stevens Ryl. Warwickshire Regt.
Lieut. Robert Sturgess HMS Exmouth
Lieut. Austin Charlewood Turner Connaught Rangers (P.O.W)
Joseph Tull Rifle Brigade
Harry Wise Argyll and Sutherland
Highlanders (wounded)
Charles Henry White Royal Berks. Regiment
Frederick Charles Edwards HMS Bramble on service in