These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War

A final list of the Wargrave men who served in the war. NB: where this symbol † appears in the list, an entry for this soldier exists in the corresponding supplement to follow.


These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War.

Additions and Corrections for this Roll should be sent to the Vicar as soon as possible.

Adby, L.
Adby, C.
Adby, W.
Adby, O.
Alderton, F. J.
Allen, C. W.
Allum, H.
Amos, G.
Andrew, H.
Arnold, A. E.
Arnold, W.
Attlesey, H. F.

Names for remembrance at the altar

Several more men from Reading had joined up.

Roll of Honour

The following additional names have been sent in for remembrance at the Altar.

Leonard Barlow, William Thomas Brind, Frederick Charles Brind, Arthur Ernest Brind, James William Dredge, John Hillier, James Tennant Ireland, Frederick Charles Sales, Cecil Sales, Percy Sales.

Reading St Mary parish magazine, July 1916 (D/P98/28A/13)

Hoping their son would return from the war

An elderly couple eligible for an almshouse decided against taking it up so they would be able to provide a home for their soldier son, assuming he returned safely.

14th June 1916
Barkers almshouses vacancy. The clerk reported that the vacancy had again been advertised and that the following applications had been received: vig:-

………….Eele. aged 73} Broad Commons, Hurst
Martha Eele. aged 70}
James Simpson. aged 84. Dunt Lane, Hurst.
Harriet Ann Cunnington. aged 76. Widow, Hyma Cotts, Twyford.
Fanny Hillier. aged 64. Widow, Twyford.

The clerk reported that the Eeles had withdrawn their application as they wished to keep the house together in the hope of their son returning in safety from the Great War.

Hurst Parochial Charities trustees’ minutes (D/QX30/1/4)