These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War

A final list of the Wargrave men who served in the war. NB: where this symbol † appears in the list, an entry for this soldier exists in the corresponding supplement to follow.


These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War.

Additions and Corrections for this Roll should be sent to the Vicar as soon as possible.

Adby, L.
Adby, C.
Adby, W.
Adby, O.
Alderton, F. J.
Allen, C. W.
Allum, H.
Amos, G.
Andrew, H.
Arnold, A. E.
Arnold, W.
Attlesey, H. F.

Tricolour Day for the French

Ladies in Wargrave sold French flags and rosettes, and postcards of the local church, in aid of our wounded allies.

Tricolour Day

“The French Wounded Emergency Fund’s” special day, Tricolour Day, was kept in Wargrave on October 2nd, and a house to house collection and sale of tricolour rosettes and pennants and St. Michael’s postcards was made throughout the parish.

The following kindly collected: Mrs. Nicholl, with Mrs. Sanderson Furniss, Mrs. Theobalds, Miss Joan Wells, Miss Betty Wells, Miss Joan Crisp, and Mrs. Remnant collected in Hare Hatch and adjoining parts of the village; Miss Brenda Rhodes at Hennerton and near neighbourhood, Miss Goulding and Miss Cain in High Street, Miss Fairburn and Mrs. Churcher in part of the village, Miss Ryder, Mrs. Harry Wells, Miss G. Huggins, and Miss Dorothy Bell at the station, Miss Georgina Holland and Miss Joan Willis in Crazies Hill, and Miss M. Easterling and Miss Wyatt part of Victoria Road.

Very many thanks are due to these kind helpers for the success of the day and to the contributors, and also to the following ladies who kindly made themselves responsible for the making up of the rosettes and pennants sold on Tricolour Day: Mrs. Nicholl, Mrs. Bond, Miss Goulding, Mrs. Lang, Mrs. Remnant, Miss Cain and Mrs. Wedderburn.

The sum collected was £42 4s. 11d.

Wargrave parish magazine, November 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)

More Wargrave men join up

More Wargrave men had joined up or headed to the danger of the Front.

The Roll of Honour
The following names have not yet appeared on the Roll:

The Royal Navy
Cash, John
Goulding, Frederick John.

The Army
Alderton, Freeman James. Army Services Corps
Andrew, Herbert. Royal Engineers
F Baker, John Edward. Wiltshire Regiment
F Beek, Harold. Rifle Brigade
F Beck, Rex. South Oxfordshire Yeomanry
Bridgman, George Henry. Army Services Corps
F Briscoe, Frederick John. 1st Australian Light Horse
Brooker, William. Army Services Corps
Butler, William John. Corpl. Army Services Corps
Cook, Cyril Edward. 2nd Lieut. IIIrd Royal Sussex
Charlton, Sidney, Charles. Army Services Corps
F Clover, William. Sergt.-Major. Royal Flying Corps
Clover, Arthur. Royal Engineers
F Clover, Albert. Royal Army Medical Corps
F Dixon, Thomas. Grenadier Guards
F Elsley, Percy. Ox and Bucks Light Infy
Goodwin, Arthur. Royal Berks Regiment
Hannen, Nicholas James. 2nd Lieut. Army Services Corps
Harris, George. Rifle Brigade
F Iles, James. Queen’s Bays
Light, Harry. Royal Berks Regiment
Mark, John. Suffolk Yeomanry
Smith, Eric Arthur Roe. 2nd Lieut. IIIrd Royal Warwicks.

The following have gone to Front since the last record.
Douglas W. Bennett, Lieut. Arthur Bradley, Albert Brooker, Charles Critcher, Walter Albert George, William Hall, Arthur Hunt, Kenneth Nicholl, Captain. Eric Heatley Noble, 2nd Lieut. T. Slatter and Arthur Talbot.

Wargrave parish magazine, August 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)

Charity gift to be saved for a soldier

The vicar and churchwardens of Wargrave were keen to support local soldiers and sailors. They also decided to keep a charity payout for a serving soldier on his return.

Soldiers and Sailors
We are anxious to make our Roll as complete as possible, in order that everyone who is serving his country may be honourably remembered and commended to the prayers of the Church.

There are two divisions in the list. The names of those who are on the sea and across the sea are read out at every service. The names of those who are still in the home country are read out in four sections, one section at each service.

We wish to keep these lists up to date, but if we are to do so, we must have the help of relatives in Wargrave. We shall therefore be very glad to receive information when any soldier or sailor leaves the home country.

We like to know the ship or regiment in which a man is serving, and to give his christian name as well as surname.

If any are missing or wounded, we should also wish to record it, at the time of our intercession.

Particulars may be given to the Clergy or the Parish Clerk.

The Sellon Benefaction

The Rev. Walter Sellon by will dated 1793, left money by which a gift of eight guineas is awarded to a man-servant, native of Wargrave, who has lived three years in one place; and to a maid-servant another year; and so alternately; no person to receive the benefaction twice.

The Vicar and Churchwardens have awarded the gift to Mr. Edward Thomas Harris who has been in the service of Mr. Goulding 10 years, and who is now serving Oxfordshire and Bucks Light Infantry. His place is being kept open for him until after the war.

Hare Hatch Notes

The Accounts in connection with the Mission Church are this year published in the general parish accounts. We desire, therefore, to point out that instead of closing them at the end of 1914 we have allowed them to run on until Easter, bringing us in line with the rest of the parish. We congratulate ourselves upon being out of debt; It is a cause for much thankfulness. Owing to the war more demands have been made, yet we are proud to feel a most ready and cheerful response has been given.

By the time this reaches out readers we shall have raised for the Belgian Guests Fund the handsome total of nearly £11. 10s. 0d. The Committee is indeed grateful to all subscribers and collectors.

Wargrave parish magazine, May 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)