“Germans let prisoners loose, gave no food”

The British took charge of the entire German Navy. Every single ship was taken to Scotland, while the submarines were handed over at Harwich.

21 November 1918

German fleet in Scotland. 150 submarines to be given up. Sir R. Tyrwhitt receives them at Harwich. King up to Scotland to see Fleet.

Hear awful account of prisoners. Germans let them loose, gave no food. Many died on the road.

Canadians to play golf. Shaw caddied.

Diary of Florence Vansittart Neale of Bisham Abbey (D/EX73/3/17/9)

Think seriously about praying for our country

All Saints’ District

We feel sure all our readers would wish to join us in offering our deepest sympathy to Admiral and Mrs. Fleet in the loss of their only child, Major Aylmer Louis Fleet; and also to Mr. Burnham in the loss of his only son Geo. Burnham. Both killed in action in France. – R.I.P.

S. Saviours District

Amongst those who have lately laid down their lives for their country is Tom Downey, who lived with Mr. and Mrs. W. Wells, 77 Field Road, to whom we tender our sincere sympathy.

Alfred Frances Holder, who died on the 16th, was a discharged soldier and had been fighting against his sickness for a long time. His family have many who sympathize with them in their bereavement.

S. Marks District
War Intercessions

Is it not possible for some, who for various reasons have not made the effort to come and plead before the Throne of Grace, the needs of our Country and people, at the week-day War Intercession Wednesdays, 8 p.m., Fridays 3 p.m., to think seriously about this matter and come to at least one of these short services.

Reading St Mary parish magazine, October 1918 (D/P98/28A/13)

A new wing for medically discharged soldiers

A local hospital declined the offer of what they feared would become a white elephant.

2 May 1918

Proposed additional wing for discharged soldiers

The Chairman read letters from Vice Admiral Fleet, County Director, BRCS, with reference to a proposal to provide additional accommodation for discharged soldiers, & explained that a suggestion had been made that an extra wing should be added to the Hospital for the purpose. The Weekly Board had, however, declined the offer, after consideration, in view of the great expenses in maintaining the extra wing afterwards. Mr Bampfylde moved that the decision of the Weekly Board be approved by the Monthly Committee, this was carried unanimously.

House Surgeons

It was proposed that an application be made to the military authorities to grant the services for part of each day of one of the military doctors attached to the Canadian Forestry Corps, who was anxious to assist at the Hospital. The proposal was agreed by the the Committee, who also approved of the suggestion by Mr Skevington that Dr Pattison be asked to assist on the Hon. Medical Staff.

King Edward VII Hospital Committee minutes (DH6/2/4, pp. 460-461)

The complications of this Great War grow more and more serious

28 November 1915 was the first Sunday in Advent. The vicar of St Mary’s in Reading used the solemn occasion to encourage parishioners, and worshippers at the daughter churches of St Saviour and All Saints, to pray for the war.

The Vicars Notes

The season of advent, which begins at the end of this month, comes to us at a solemn time. As the complications of this Great War grow more and more serious, the more urgent is the need for deeper and more earnest prayer. Let us see to it that we rise to a higher and truer spiritual level all through the new Christian year.

We should all desire to wish “God’s-Speed” to the Rev. T. Guy Rogers, late Vicar of S. John’s, in his new work as chaplain to the forces at the front. We shall miss him very much in Reading, where he has always taken a strong and vigorous hand on behalf of the things that really matter. May his work among the troops be blessed in every way, and may he be brought back to the homeland once more safe and sound.

Roll Of Honour

Maurice Cooper, Arthur Goodall, Frank Shervall, George Hunt, George Absolom, Francis Russell, George Denton, Alfred Thorp, George Kemp, James Noakes, William Trussell, Frank Lunnon, Edward J. Humphreys, Frances Miles, Thomas Brooker, William Sawyer, Herbert Sawyer, Frederick Deadman.

Edward Gregory.

S. Mary’s
Soldiers Christmas parcel Fund

Miss Wickham Legg hopes that it will again be possible to send Christmas Parcels to our brave men in the field or at sea. All contributions either in money or kind, should be sent to S. Mary’s Vicarage sometime this month.

All Saints’ District
Roll of Honour

The following additional names have been sent in for remembrance at the Altar.

William Jesse Baverstock, Aylmer Louis Elliot Fleet, Harry Gerald fox, Ronald Charles Jordan, Richard John Martin, Ernest William Martin, Reginald Francis West, Robert Douglas West, William Charles Wicks.

Edward Worrell Carrington.

S. Saviours District
List of Honour

A kind friend has given a framed “List of Honour” to contain the names of all those who go out from S. Saviour’s to serve their King and Country. The list is in two parts, nicely written, and is placed in the Porch of the Church. Further names will be added from time to time as they are received.

Reading St Mary parish magazine, November 1915 (D/P98/28A/13)