Entertaining the Army Service Corps in Earley

Parishioners at Earley St Peter entertained the Army Service Corps men billeted locally, while worrying about their own loved ones at the front.

Report of C.E.M.S. Soldiers’ Entertainment Committee.

The generosity of the Parish enabled the committee to give Twelve entertainments to the 178th Co. of the A.S.C.; the subscribers being the Rev. Canon Fowler, Major M. Hull, Messers. Allen, Bennett, Bastow, S.O. Bastow, Beldam, Bartlett, Culham, Friedlander, Farrow, Goodenough, Goodyer, Hawkes, Hart, Heelas, Howlett, Jordan, Jones, Keep, Lee, J.Lewington, Love, Masser, Murton, Newbery, Rushbrook, Smith, Martin, Sutton, Sargeant, Tagg, Tomlin, Wilson, Wooldridge, White, Webb, Wait; Mesdames Blyde, Barkshire, Dunlop, Fowles, Friends, Goodyer, Hawkes, Hawkins, Lawrence, Montizambert, Payne, Shaw, Stroud, Southern, Wyley, Warmington, Witherington; the Misses Beauchamp, Corner, Croome, Carlsson, Davis, George, Goodwin, Hannaford, Keep, Maurice, Miller, Montizambert, Stroud, Taunton.

It is proposed to continue the entertainments for the 263rd Co., at present billeted in the Parish, but to make this possible a further appeal for funds must be made, and I shall be very grateful for any subscriptions.

List of Men Serving in His Majesty’s Forces.

The following additional names have been added to our prayer list:- Richard Goodall, Charles Carpenter, Ernest Threadgill, James Winchcombe, Leonard Reeves, William Farmer, Andrew McFadyen, Edward Iles, Arthur Buskin, Stephen Platt, Percy Taylor, Arthur Harris, George Palmer, George Webb, Frank Snellgrove, Richard Hayden, George Rogers, William Mengham, Jack Durman, Guy Comport, Herbert Broadbear.

In addition to those already mentioned we especially commend the following to your prayers:-
Killed – Haviland Durand, Edward Smithers, Thomas Palmer; Sick – Arthur Mylam (gas poisoning).

Earley St Peter parish magazine, July 1915 (D/P191/28A/22)

“The Moral Downfall of Germany and its Menace to the World”

Young people in Reading were treated to a fervent talk on the war, and the awfulness of Germany past and present, at Broad Street Chapel:

On Tuesday, February 9th, a lecture in connection with the Young People’s Union will be delivered by Rev. W J Farrow, BA, BD (Lond.), late of Reading. Subject: “The Moral Downfall of Germany and its Menace to the World”.

Introduction; The German of Luther, Kant, Goethe, etc; Its moral greatness; Its political insignificance. Prussia prostrate before Napoleon. Fichte and his ideals. Learning from her conqueror; Clausewitz as teacher; beginnings of the doctrine of Militarism. Treitschke as prophet; His estimate of England; His dreams for Germany. Nietzsche as philosopher; His Gospel of the Superman. The Germany of the Kaiser, Von Bernhardi, Von Bulow, and Frobenius. Thwarting Peace; Forcing War. Policy of “Frightfulness”. Belgium in agony. England’s duty.

“The Rev. W J Farrow gave a lecture of supreme interest. It was a tribute to Mr Farrow’s ability that despite the miserably cold, wet night, the hall was crowded. The lecture was marked by apt language and wide range of thought. In a fine peroration, etc.” Shrewsbury Chronicle
“An eloquent lecture of over an hour’s duration.” Border Counties Advertiser
“Before a crowded audience the Rev. W J Farrow delivered a masterly lecture.” The Wellington Journal

The chair will be taken at 8 o’clock by the Rev. W Morton Rawlinson.
Admission Free. Silver collection

Broad Street Congregational Church magazine, February 1915 (D/N11/12/1/14)