Internees allowed to purchase anything that can be purchased by ordinary outside people

A series of exchanges about food supplies at Reading Prison shows how internees could supplement the official rations.

30 July 1918
As bacon is now obtainable without coupons, some of the interned prisoners are asking if they may buy some, if they can get it.
Instructions requested please.
C M Morgan

Please state what articles of diet the Internees are permitted to purchase & whether there is any limit in quantity.

They are allowed to purchase anything that can be purchased by ordinary outside people – except extra cereals, ie cake, biscuits; and their jam purchase is limited to 8 oz per head per week (in addition to what is issued to them).
C M Morgan

This may be permitted if it can be obtained locally and does not interfere with the supplies available for the general population in the neighbourhood.

Reading Prison [Place of Internment] letter book (P/RP1/8/2/1)

Responsibility – Duty – Sympathy – Self Sacrifice: the watchwords of Empire Day

The war affected schoolchildren in different ways. The Empire Day celebrations at Warfield School involved discussion of the war, while at Aldermaston and Burghfield some teachers and children could not get to work due to the numbers of soldiers in the area. Children at a Cookham school got the afternoon off.

Warfield, 11th June 1915
Empire Day celebrations.

Assembly and prayers including daily prayer for the war.

O God our help in ages past.

March and salute.

God save the King.

Instead of the usual scripture lesson we talked about the four watchwords of Empire Day. Responsibility. Duty. Sympathy. Self Sacrifice.

A postal order of 11/- was sent this afternoon to the Earl of Meath the proceeds of the sale of Empire Certificates for the overseas comforts for brave soldiers and sailors.

Aldermaston, 11th June 1915
Miss Leake resumed duty this morning, and stated she was unable to get from Sulhampstead [yesterday] owing to the great number of troops in the district.

Mrs Bland’s School, Burghfield, June 11th 1915
Attendance fairly good this week but several children were absent yesterday as the soldiers were carrying out manoeuvres near the school.

Alwyn Road School, Cookham, June 11th 1915
The Headmaster gave an address to the children assembled in Hall at 9 o’clock and the National Anthem was sung. A holiday was granted this afternoon in celebration of Empire Day.

Abingdon Girls CE School, 17th to 21st [May 1915]
Empire Day was kept on Friday, the breaking up day. Lessons on the Empire were given, Patriotic Songs were sung, and an Appeal from Lord Meath to British Boys and Girls was read. The National Anthem was sung afternoon before closing school for the Whitsun Holidays.

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