“Doing his bit”

An army chaplain wrote to the vicar of Earley with news of a parishioner.

The following letter to the vicar gives a delightful account of our choirman Mr F C Goodson now serving with the RASC in France.

1, Ave Faidherbe, Malo-les-Bains, (Nord) France, March 20th 1916.

My dear sir, please excuse my writing just a line to say that I have been happy in making the acquaintance of one of your parishioners; a Mr Goodson. In making my rounds of the docks where he is employed, I frequently meet and have a little friendly chat with him. You will, I am sure, be glad to know that he is “doing his bit” for the church. He not only comes himself regularly to our Sunday services, but manages also to bring some of his fellow soldiers with him. I could well wish that we had many more like him.

Yours very faithfully

W J Drought (British chaplain of Dunkerque)

Earley parish magazine, May 1916 (D/P192/28A/14)