These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War

A final list of the Wargrave men who served in the war. NB: where this symbol † appears in the list, an entry for this soldier exists in the corresponding supplement to follow.


These served their King by land or sea from the Parish of Wargrave during the Great War.

Additions and Corrections for this Roll should be sent to the Vicar as soon as possible.

Adby, L.
Adby, C.
Adby, W.
Adby, O.
Alderton, F. J.
Allen, C. W.
Allum, H.
Amos, G.
Andrew, H.
Arnold, A. E.
Arnold, W.
Attlesey, H. F.

People must put up with the varied trouble which arose out of the war

Medical services at home were disrupted by the loss of doctors who had gone to treat wounded soldiers.

At a meeting of the executive committee held in the parish room on Tuesday May 2nd 1916 …

Mrs Minchirn asked if any difference was to be made for non subscribers who owing to Dr. Courtney’s absence at the War were obliged to have Nurse.

The Rector said he considered all parishioners could and should subscribe, the subscriptions were so small. The difficulties with regard to medical assistance were only some of the varied trouble which arose out of the war and people must try to put up with them. This subject however had perhaps better come up later on when one saw how it all worked.


General Committee Minutes of Binfield District Nursing Association (D/QNA/BI1/5)

Wargrave’s roll of honour

Wargrave was one of many parishes to publish a list of men serving in the parish magazine. This allowed parishioners at home to pray for them all by name.

‘The Roll of Honor for the Parish of Wargrave

The Royal Navy
Bywater, Darol. Lieut. R.N.D
Grey, Thomas Robinson. Sub-Lieut., R.N.A.A.V.C.
Blackburn, Ernest. H.M.S. Glory
Bucker, J. H.M.S. Laurel
Carr, Joseph, Fireman. Transport
Clarke, William. H.M.S. Laconia
Coleman, Charles William. H.M.S. Glasgow
Doughty, Albert. H.M.S. Irresistible
Doughty, Arthur. H.M.S. Tartar
Doughty, Herbert. H.M.S. Queen Mary
Doughty, Horace. H.M.S. Donegal
Doughty, John. H.M.S. Hindustan
George, Walter. H.M.S. Agamemnon
Haskett, Bernard. H.M.S. Jason
Haycock, Charles William. H.M.S. Ajax
Hollis, Alfred John. H.M.S. Implacable
Jemmett, Leonard Oakley. H.M.S. Galatea
Mayne, Frederick. H.M.S. Britannia
Parritt, Edward. H.M.S. Defiance
Pauline, Leonard. H.M.S. Hebe
Payne, William. H.M.S. Britannia
Pugh, Charles. H.M.S. Hibernia
Sandleford, James. H.M.S. Mars
Waldron, Jesse. H.M.S. George V.
Waldron, William. H.M.S. Dido

George, William. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Agamemnon
Pugh, Herbert. Royal Marines, H.M.S. Prince George

Spicy news about spies

Florence Vansittart Neale in Bisham was excited by the war news, including spy stories, while William Hallam in Swindon scoffed at rumours that the war was causing bad weather.

Florence Vansittart Neale
7 June 1915

More Zeppelin raids (Gravesend). Our aviator brought one down in Belgium….

Mr Courtney [came] with very spicy news – spies here!!

I hear spy told about ship full of explosives at Gravesend. Zeppelin came, but did not hit it. Demolished a whole street, & according to the Maidenhead tailor, soldiers got out 15 of hand & shot 15 of Zeppelin crew (but I don’t think we got it in England!!)

Hear that Selfridge is full of explosives!!

Hear much damage done at Woolwich arsenal by Zeppelin.

William Hallam
7th June 1915

Very hot and dry again yet according to some – a good many in fact – foolish people, we should have had it wet all the time this war lasts, for a time ago when it was so wet they said it was caused by so much heavy gun fire. Very hot to-night.

Diaries of Florence Vansittart Neale (D/EX73/3/17/8) and William Hallam (D/EX1415/23