Influenza prevalent

The flu epidemic was starting to hit.

1 July 1918

Only 190 present. Influenza prevalent.

White Waltham
July 1st 1918

Sergt Major London of Australian Expeditionary Force (Mrs Constable’s brother) visited the school this afternoon and spoke to the Mixed Group from 3.15 to 3.45 on “Children of Australia”. The children greatly enjoyed the talk.

Datchet National Mixed School log book (SCH30/8/3, p. 405); White Waltham CE School log book (D/P 142/28/3/2, p. 272)

A war bonus for teachers

Both qualified and unqualified teachers were to receive increased pay during the war.

1917, 8th-12th January

Received notice from the Committee of the War Bonus to be made to teachers, Miss Constable, C[ertified], and Miss Barrett and Miss Wearing, Un[certified], will be eligible.

Abingdon Girls CE School log book (C/EL 2/2, p. 131)