“Pray very earnestly for our people, both white people and black in this part of Africa at this difficult time”

The war was being fought in the British and German colonies in Africa as well as in Europe. The Anglicans of Bracknell had a special interest thanks to their longstanding commitment to Christian missions. German East Africa encompassed present-day Rwanda, Burundi and part of Tanzania


The annual contributions from the Bracknell Sunday School, £8, has been sent to the Treasurer of the Universities’ Mission to Central Africa, and the following letter of thanks has been received.-

9, Dartmouth Street,
August 6th, 1915


Thank you very much indeed for the contribution received from Bracknell Sunday School to-day. Please will you thank very warmly for me all those who have helped to collect this sum? We are most grateful to all.

You will be glad to hear that we have heard from our Missionaries in German East Africa. They are all well, although all have been interned. The ladies with two Priests are at Mwapwa, and the rest of the men are at two other separate camps.

We can, however, hear nothing at all of the Africans. We hope of course that the teachers have been allowed to continue their work, but we cannot in the least tell.

We should be very grateful if you will ask all friends of the Mission to pray very earnestly for our people, both white people and black in this part of Africa, that they may be specially strengthened during this difficult time.

With grateful thanks, yours sincerely,


Bracknell section of Winkfield District Magazine, September 1915 (D/P151/28A/7/9)