It is hoped that everyone who wishes, may be able to assist

The many groups of women offering their sewing skills to support the war effort were becoming more tightly organised.


The County has been divided up into eleven districts to assist the War Office to carry out their scheme of organising voluntary effort for the supply of garments, etc. for the Troops, and Hospital requisites for the sick and wounded.

The Lady Haversham has undertaken to organise the Easthampstead District, consisting of the parishes of Easthampstead, Warfield, Winkfield and Cranbourne, Binfield, Sandhurst, Crowthorne and Ascot.

Mrs. Ferard has been appointed the head of the group comprising Winkfield, Cranbourne and part of Ascot.

To carry out the scheme effectually, weekly working parties have been organised at Winkfield Manor, also by Mrs. Asher at Ascot Place, and by Mrs. Burdekin at the Sunday School, Cranbourne. In this way it is hoped that everyone who wishes, may be able to assist.

Badges will be granted to workers, who, for not less than three months have been actively engaged in work under the scheme.

From time to time the War Office sends to the Red Cross Depôt at Reading, lists of the things required, which lists are circulated by Lady Haversham among the different working parties.

As to the cost of the material; this has to be provided out of private donations; sums, however small, will be most gratefully received by Mrs. Ferard and by Mrs. Burdekin.

Winkfield District Monthly Magazine, March 1916 (D/P151/28A/8/3)

The joy of giving, the sorrow of loss

Cranbourne churchgoers mourned the loss of a brilliant officer, while even the children were helping to support soldiers from the area.

All our heartfelt sympathy has been given to Mrs. Phillips and Miss Phillips in their great loss. Major Edward Hawlin Phillips D .S. O., R. F. A., was an officer with a brilliant record, and his friends looked forward to a still more brilliant future for him, but in the Providence of God he has been taken. R. I. P.

The Sunday School has been turned into a Reading and Recreation Room for the Soldiers. Tea and refreshments are to be provided each evening. Sixteen ladies are to be in charge from 4. p. m. to 7 p. m. and the members of the C.E.M.S., assisted by the Scouts, from 7. p. m. to 9 p. m. many kind gifts of games, tables, papers &c., &c., have been received from Mr. Asher, Colonel Cross, Mrs. Foster, Mrs. Edwards, the Misses Ravenhill, Mrs Barron, Mrs Goldfinch.

* * *
We are trying to do what we can to give a little pleasure to our Soldiers at the Front. The Sunday School children wish to experience the joy of giving, they have undertaken to look after two men in the 28th Battery R. F. A., 9th Brigade, 7th Meerut War Division.

The children being their pennies and half-pennies each Sunday, and in this way we are able to keep our two soldiers supplied with little comforts every week. We have already sent two parcels, and we hope soon to hear of their safe arrival.

During the next few months, while we are unable to use the Sunday School we shall be glad if the children will bring their money to Church in the afternoon, and Mrs. Burdekin will receive it after the service.
* * *
The following is a list of the names of old Scholars of our School who are now serving in His Majesty’s Forces:-

A. Brant, E. H. Brant, A. Cox, W. Cox, E. Curtis, W. L. Clarke, C. Goodchild, G. A. Hawthorn, F. Harris, T. W. Harris, J. Herridge, E. Mapp, C. Platt, W. Reed, C. Reed, W. Woodage, G. Watts, T. A. Ward, G. Weston, G. Walls, L. Walls.

Cranbourne section of Winkfield District Magazine, December 1914 (D/P151/28A/6/12)