Praiseworthy interest from a Red Cross class

18 villagers from Knowl Hill signed up to study first aid and basic nursing.

Knowl Hill Red Cross Class
This class consisting of some 18 Members is having a most successful run, and is now nearing the end of the first session, but it is hoped further courses will be taken.

The earlier classes were taken by Mr Butterworth until the Doctor of the class Dr. J. McCrea was able to come, and he gives his last lecture and demonstration on Wednesday, 24th, the examination being the 25th.

The interest among the members of the class is praiseworthy.

The individual practices were carried out on a separate time with the assistance of Miss Lovett, Mrs Firbank, (Secretary) Mr. Butterworth and members of Red Cross from Burchetts Green.

Wargrave parish magazine, April 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)

A Red Cross class graduates in Knowl Hill

Several residents of Knowl Hill studied first aid and basic healthcare in order to offer their services to the Volunteer Aid Detachments who supplemented fully trained nurses working with the wounded.

Knowl Hill Red Cross Class
We are pleased to announce that the result of the examination in connection with the above class has been very satisfactory.
Twelve members, out of the 15 entered, receiving certificates enabling them to become members of the Volunteer Aid Detachment and it is believed that some will make use of the same.

The Certificates were presented on Friday, the 16th, by Dr. and Mrs. McCrea. A surprise Whist Party and Presentation was held when several friends were present, including the Vicar. Several presentations took place from the members of the class. Mrs. Firbank was the recipient of a handbag, for work as a secretary, etc. and Mr. Butterworth a surgical haversack for work in connection with the class and bandaging, etc., and Mr. Rufey who did the extra cleaning, etc., free, with a walking stick. The members of the Burchetts Green Red Cross Society were thanked for their valuable assistance. In making presentations, Dr. McCrea spoke of the work done by various ones mentioned, which had relieved him considerably and hoped the class would continue.
Mrs. McCrea was presented with a bouquet at the commencement of proceedings.

The Vicar proposed, and Mrs. Firbank seconded, a vote of thanks to Dr. and Mrs. McCrea, to which the Doctor responded.

Wargrave parish magazine, May 1915 (D/P145/28A/31)