Food and clothing for blighted Belgium

Not only did Maidenhead Congregational Church support its own group of Belgian refugees, the church’s Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Society was involved in fundraising for the Belgians elsewhere.

The P.S.A. Society has taken the distress in Belgium upon its heart, and is trying to do something practical to meet the need. For some time past it has gathered weekly contributions form its members, after the pattern of the Church’s Belgian Home Fund, and has also collected clothing and food. The National Brotherhood Council has established a Headquarters and Depôt at 37, Norfolk Street, London, which is in touch with the various authorities concerned en route – Customs, Embassies, Railways – and is in a position to obtain special concessions and privileges for carriage and shipment of consignments. Thither the Local P.S.A. will send all goods entrusted to it. Mr. Lewis’ appeal in the Advertiser produced good fruit, and we hope the total result of our local effort will be worthy of us and the cause.

Maidenhead Congregational Church magazine, May 1915 (D/N33/12/1/5)