A thank-offering for all the mercies God has shown us during the years of war

St Peter’s Church Committee

A Processional Cross has been presented to St Peter’s as a thank-offering for all the mercies God has shown us during the years of war.

The final list of subscribers to the Cross Fund, which is now closed:

The Vicar, Mr F Rogers, Canon Meara, Mrs East, Mr and Mrs Snow, Mrs Parkinson, Mrs Plaistowe, Mrs Arundell, Mrs Arnold, Mrs and Miss Wright, Mrs Warwick, Mrs Crowhurst, Miss Sperling, Mr and Mrs G Parkinson, Miss Leaver, Major and Mrs Boulton, Mrs and Miss Lilly, Mrs W Fuller, Mrs Newell, Miss Lenns, Mr and Mrs Warren, Mrs Adams, Mrs C West, Messrs G Woodwards, D Blay, Don. Blay, F Lovegrove, R Lovegrove, F Matthews, F Street, H Hill, F Davis, C Snow, R Potter, R Knibbs, F Potter, G Burfoot and B Perkins.

Maidenhead St Luke parish magazine, June 1919 (D/P181/28A/28)

A charity invests in war loans

A Twyford charity agreed to invest some of its funds in government war loans.

9th January 1917

Deposit a/c and War Loan

Resolved on the motion of Mr Godfrey Boulton seconded by Mr H.W. Verey:

That the sum of £200 now on deposit at the L.C.&W. [London County and Westminster] Bank be withdrawn, and that from the current balance thereat, there be withdrawn such amount as will with the above mentioned sum amount to £300 & that the whole be invested in £5 % war stock 1929-1947.

It was further resolved that the Clerk and Receiver be authorised and instructed to act accordingly.

Polehampton Charities, Twyford: trustees’ minutes (D/QX42/1/5)