Offerings for the Armenian Refugees Fund

Winkfield churchgoers wanted to help the Armenians, victims of genocide in Turkey.

We are glad to be able to state that the offertory on Sunday, February 4th, for the Armenian Refugees Fund, amounted to £7 16s. 7d.

Winkfield section of Winkfield District Magazine, March 1917 (D/P151/28A/9/3)

“Housewives – you can help your country in this hour of need”

The vicar of Reading St Mary outlined a programme of prayer for our allies, and encouraged women to respond to the Food Economy Campaign.

The Vicar’s Notes
The week-day Eucharist’s suggested intercessions

1. In connection with the War. Prayers for our Allies.
Mondays. The Serbians and Montenegrins.
Tuesdays. The Belgians.
Wednesday. The French.
Thursday. The Russians.
Friday. The Italians.
Saturday. The Japanese.

On Fridays, intercessions will also be offered
1. For all the wounded, the prisoners, and the sick.
2. For all the suffering nationalities, e.g. the Armenians, etc.
3. For our enemies, that their hearts may be turned, and that our own hearts may be renewed.

S. Mary’s
Save the food of the Nation

To the Housewives of Great Britain and to all who are responsible for the buying and cooking of food. You can help your country in this hour of need. No one too rich or too poor to help. You are asked to save food so that those who are destitute though the War may be fed. Do this wisely and your family will be better fed.

Under the auspices of the Reading Health Society and National Food Economy League, Four Demonstration Lectures in Food Economy will be given in the Reading Gas Company’s Lecture room on Fridays, March 3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th. Morning Lectures, 11-1, for mistresses and cooks, Course Tickets, 2/6. Afternoon Penny lectures, 3-5, for working woman. Tickets may be had from Mrs. Childs, Principal’s Lodge, Upper Redlands Road; Mrs. Coleman, Muttusmore, Castle Hill. Ask for the Handbook for Housewifes, price 1d.

All Saint’s District
Roll of Honour

Walter James Banten, Richard John Darvall, F. H. Hill, Charlie Morgan, Robert John West Saunders, William John Saunders, Frederick Taylor.

Reading St Mary parish magazine, March 1916 (D/P98/28A/13)

Only part of the church has been insured against air raids

A Reading vicar encouraged parishioners to pray for the Armenian victims of genocide in Turkey.

Contributions are still urgently needed towards the fund for protecting our churches and buildings in the parish against possible attacks from hostile Air-craft. As the Rector I have already insured the Chancel of S. Mary’s, but the Nave is not yet insured. I hope all parishioners may be able to send some donation, however small, to the Treasurer of their particular Church.

We are trying to carry out loyally the new lighting, or rather darkening orders in our Churches, and it is to be hoped our efforts have been successful.

1. For the persecuted Armenians.
2. For success to be granted this year to the various operations of the Allies.
3. For the preservation of our country from hostile air-craft.
4. For unity of will and purpose amongst the people of our nation and Empire.

Reading St Mary parish magazine, February 1916 (D/P98/28A/13)

“A crime which in scale and horror has probably no parallel in the history of the world”

The ethnic cleansing and mass slaughter of Armenians in Turkey shocked the west.


In accordance with the expressed desire of the Archbishop of Canterbury, it is to be hoped that on Sunday, February 6th (5th Sunday after Epiphany) Intercessions may be made in the churches on behalf of the Armenian and Assyrian peoples in their dire extremity – for those brought to degradation and slavery or left without protection or support in Turkey, for those who are refugees in the Russian Caucasus and elsewhere; and also that collections may be taken, wherever possible, for the relief of these survivors of Turkish barbarity.

The Archbishop’s Appeal is as follows:


“The massacre of Armenian and Assyrian Christians in the Turkish Empire is a crime which in scale and horror has probably no parallel in the history of the world, and the sufferings baffle description which are now being endured by the rapidly dwindling number of hunted and persecuted survivors. To these people in their dire distress Christian aid should flow ungrudgingly. In many churches arrangements are already being made for collections on their behalf on Sunday, February 6th, and I venture to hope that on that or one of the succeeding Sundays there may be a wide-spread effort to alleviate distresses which are literally unspeakable. The money should be sent to the Secretary of the Armenian Refugees (Lord Mayor’s) Fund, 96, Victoria Street, Westminster, SW.”

Note: The collections on Sunday, February 6th in St Peter’s Church will be given to the above fund.

Earley St Peter parish magazine, February 1916 (D/P191/28A/23/1)

Pray for a deepened sense of national unity

The Mayor of Newbury (Frank Bazett, a local solicitor) led the way in volunteering for the armed forces as the war’s second Christmas approached.

It is rather difficult this year to look forward as we ought to do to Christmas: there is so much to sadden the gladness of the festival…

The following subjects for Intercession are taken from the Bishop’s Message in the November number of the Diocesan Magazine.

Your prayers are specially asked:

For our country and our government in the present crisis.
For the maintenance of our courage and faith.
For a deepened sense of national unity and mutual understanding between capital and labour.
For those from the Diocese who are serving as chaplains in the Fleet and the Army.
For the remnant of the Armenian nation….

May we be permitted to congratulate the Mayor of Newbury for his patriotic action in joining His Majesty’s Forces, and that at considerable sacrifice, thus setting a good example for other men to follow.

Lord Derby’s recruiting scheme has resulted in a number of young men enlisting from Newbury, and doubtless there are others who will go. Among those who have been accepted are Mr G P Hopson, Mr A Hill, Mr L Cramp, and Mr R J Drewell, four of our servers, and Mr Winkworth, a member of the Men’s Bible Class. Mr G L Pyke has been rejected on account of his eyes, his brother, Mr Cecil Pyke, one of our Sunday School teachers, has been accepted for service at home, and Mr R Bell has been rejected. All honour to those who have tried as well as to those who have been accepted, for they have shown their willingness to serve their country in her need.

May we ask relatives for any interesting news about men at the Front, for insertion in the Parish Magazine.

Newbury parish magazine, December 1915 (D/P89/28A/13)