A special case: Percy gets his transfer

At long last, Percy Spencer’s long-awaited transfer from Kitchener’s Army, in which he had too hastily enlisted at the start of the war, to the Territorial Unit he had been ‘temporarily’ attached almost ever since, made it through the red tape – just in time for him to go to the Front with them. (Technically he wasn’t transferred – he was discharged with the understanding that he would automatically re-enlist.)

9/London Regiment/97

I am directed to inform you that if Private Spencer of the Gloucestershire Regiment were allowed to remain with the 2nd Battalion, the London Regiment, difficulties might arise in connection with the issue of his pay, especially if the Brigade of which the Battalion forms part whould be sent overseas.

In these circumstances I am to state that sanction is hereby given for the discharge as a special case of Private Spencer from the Regular Army in order that he may be enlisted into one of the Battalions of the 6th London Infantry Brigade.

I am
Your obedient servant
Gerald Adshead, Captain, for Director of Recruiting

The General Officer Commanding,
London District,
Horse Guards, SW

Letter permitting the discharge of Percy Spencer (D/EZ177/7/12/31)