Hope springs eternal

This poem may have been inspired by having lived under the shadow of war for years.

“Hope Springs Eternal.”

YOUTH looks upon the world and sees it fair;
Exultant in his strength, he fears for nought;
The years behind seem as a mounted stair,
The years before are rosate in his thought.

He dreams of fame, success, the world’s applause,
Of love, maybe, and deeds of high romance,
Obedient ever to his nature’s laws
Bidding him hope, nor doubt of what may chance.

When age is drawing on, he muses o’er
The retrospect of shattered hopes, and sees
How barren proved his dream’s enchanted shore,
The strand whereto he voyaged through troubled seas;

Dark and uncertain looks the future: yet
He needs must hope until his sun be set.


The Newburian (magazine of St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury), April 1919 (N/D161/1/9)

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