Very anxious to do something in memory of the Great War and its sacrifices

A meeting was called to discuss a war memorial for Furze Platt.

St Peter’s War Memorial Meeting

I have been asked to call a Meeting of Furze Platt people to discuss a War Memorial, on February 12th, at 7.30 pm. The Furze Platt people are in a different position from the St Luke’s people. They are not in the Borough, and though many may contribute to the Cookham War Memorial, many would like something local at Furze Platt. So probably the War Memorial there, if one be erected, would not be in St Peter’s Church, but would take the form of something for common use irrespective of religious beliefs. There might, and probably would be, some small Memorial in connection with St Peter’s Church, but I take it in Furze Platt the big effort would have to be for something appealing to all sections of the inhabitants. I hope there will be a representative gathering at this Meeting on Wednesday, February 12th, which, as Vicar, I am venturing, by request, to summon. Further public notice will, of course, be given.

Furze Platt War Memorial Meeting, Wednesday, February 12th

A Meeting of all Furze Platt, Church and non-Church people alike who dwell outside the Borough, has been summoned for 7.30 pm, in the Club Room by St Peter’s Church. Those interested in the local life of Furze Platt are very anxious to do something in memory of the Great War and its sacrifices. I hope many will be present.

Maidenhead St Luke parish magazines, January-February 1919 (D/P181/28A/28)

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