Reading School’s contribution to the war

A complete listing of Reading School’s alumni who had served in the war.


This list has been compiled from information received up to December 14th, 1918; corrections and additions will be welcomed and should be addressed to: – R. Newport, Esq., Reading School, Reading.

Allnatt, Rifleman N.R. — London Rifle Brigade.
(killed in Action).
Ambrose, 2nd Lieut. L.C. — S.L.I.
Anderson, Pte. L.G. — Can. Exp. Force
Appelbee, 2nd Lieut. T. — 13TH West Yorks.
(Killed in Action).
Atkinson, Lieut. E.G. — Indian Army
Atkinson, Capt. G.P. — 6TH Royal North Lancs.
Atkinson, 2nd Lieut. J.C. — R.A.F.
Aust, 2nd Lieut. H.E. — Yorkshire Regt.
(Twice Wounded).
(Killed in Action).
Aveline, Lieut. A.P. — Royal Berks Regt,
(Military Cross).
Baker, 2nd Lieut. A.C.S. — R.G.A.
Baker, Rifleman A.E. — London Irish Rifles.
Baker, Rifleman R.S. — London Irish Rifles.
Baker, Lieut. T.H. — 8TH Royal Berks Regt.
Balding, Capt. C.D. — Indian Army.
Banks, Pte. W.R. — Public School Corps.
(Killed in Action).
Bardsley, Capt. R.C — Manchester Regt.
Barnard, F.P. —
Barroby, Trooper. F. — Strathcona Horse.
Barry, Capt. L.E. — R.A.F.
Baseden, Lieut. E. — Royal Berks Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Baseden, 2nd Lieut. M.W. — R.A.F.
Batchelor, Lieut. A.S. — Duke of Cornwall’s L.I.
Bateman, Capt. W.V. — Royal Munster Fusiliers.
Bayley, 2nd Lieut. F. — Chinese Labour Battalion.
Beckingsale, Pte. R.S. — Canadian Contingent.
Beckingsale, Capt. R.T. — Tank Corps (Military Cross).

Belsten, E.K. — R.A.F.
Biddulph, 2nd Lieut. R.H.H. — Royal Berks Regt.
(Died of Wounds).
Bidmead, Pte. — Wilts regt.
Black, Pte. F. — Public School Corps.
(Killed in Action).
Blazey, A.E.H. — R.A.F.
Blazey, 2nd Lieut. J.W. — Royal Berks Regt
(killed in Action).
Bleck, Lieut. W.E. — R.F.A.
Bliss, 2nd Lieut. A.J. — Leinster Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Bliss, Pte. W. — 2ND Batt.Hon.Art.Coy.

Blucke, Lieut. W.A.S. — R.F.C. (Wounded).
Blyde, 2nd Lieut. L J.N. — Lancashire Fusiliers.
Blyde, 2nd Lieut. W.A. — Berks Yeomanry. (D.M.C.).
Body, Lieut. B.R. — Indian Remount Dept.
Boshell, Cadet G.B. — R.A.F.
Boultbee, Pte. J. — Attached K.R. Rifles.
Bowen, Lieut. G.F. — Royal Navy.
Bradley, 2nd Lieut. J.L. — A.S.C. M.T.
(Mentioned in Dispatches)
Bradley, Lieut. M. — Army Service Corps.
Bradley, 2nd Lieut. R.W. — A.S.C.
Brain, Capt. F.S. — Royal Berks Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Brain, Lieut. J.A. — Royal Berks Regt.
Brigham, Lieut. H.R. — 2ND K.O.Y.L.I.
(Twice Wounded).
Broad, C.H. — Queens Own Oxford Hussars.
Brown, Lieut. H.M. — Leicester Regt.
Brown, 2nd Lieut. W.H. — 6TH Dorset Regt.
Bull, 2nd Lieut. A.H. — A.S.C.
Butler, 2nd Lieut. A.I. — R.F.A. (Wounded).
(Military Cross).
Cadoux, 2nd Lieut. B.T. — South Wales Borders.
Chapman, 2nd Lieut. C.R. — R.A.F.
Carter, Pte. D.W. — R.N.A.S.
(Accidentally Drowned)
Charles, 2nd Lieut. A.P. — Royal fusiliers. (Military Cross).
Chinn, 2nd Lieut. J.H. — Labour Batt.
Chown, Pte. F. — Oxford and Bucks Yeomanry.
Chown, Pte. T.W. — Berks Yeomanry.
Churchill, 2nd Lieut. B.H. — R.F.A. (Military Cross).
(Croix de Guerre).
Churchill, Lieut. E.F. — 32ND Signal Coy. R.E.
Chettle, T.H. East African Rifles.
Clarke, 2nd Lieut. A. Fielding. — R.A.F. (Prisoner of War).
Clarke, Lieut. O. Fielding — R.A.F.
Cliff, Capt. A. — 2/8TH Worcesters.
Cohen, 2nd Lieut. H. — Royal Berks Regt. (Died).
Cohen, Pte. R.P. — Royal Berks Regt.
Collard, Lieut.-Col. C.E. — R.M.L.I. (C.B.).
Collier, Sergt. G.W. — 8th Batt. The Buffs.
(Killed in Action).
Collier, Capt. H.E. — R.A.M.C.
Collier, C.S.M.S. — 11TH Batt. Essex Regt.
Collier, 2nd Lieut. W.A. — Connaught Rangers.
Collier, 2nd Lieut. O.H. — Machine Gun Corps.
Collins, D… — South African Force. (Died).

Collins, Gunner A .J. — S.A. Field Artillery.
Colson, Capt. — Army Chaplain.
Colvin, Pte. K.C. — 13TH Royal Fusiliers. (Died of Pneumonia)
Colvin, Capt. R.A. — Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
(Killed in Action).
Cook, 2nd Lieut. A.l. — Notts and Derby Regt. (Wounded).
Cook, Lieut. H.M. — M.G.C. (Wounded), (Killed in Action).
Cooper, Pte. B. — Public School Corps.
Cooper, Capt. J.H. — Royal Defence Corps.
Cooper, 2nd Lieut. W.M. — 2ND Worcester Regt. (Killed in Action).
Corry, Pte. R.l. — Honourable Artillery Coy.
Corry, 2nd Lieut. J.E. — Royal West Surrey. (M.C.).
Costin, Capt. C.W. — Gloster Regt. (Military Cross).
Cowan, Capt. D.T. — Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.
(Military Cross).
Cox, Capt. D.T. — Bengal Mounted Rifles.
Craft, Lieut. C.L.C. — R.A.F.
Crohan, Lieut.-Com. P.B. — Royal Navy.
Culverwell, 2nd Lieut. G.J.N. — Royal Berks Regt., attached M.G.C.
Cundell, Lieut.L.A. — Cavalry Remounts.
Cunningham, 2nd Lieut. F.J. — R.F.C. (Died).
Cunnington, Capt. E.C. — R.A.M.C. (Killed in Action).
Dance, Lieut. H.B. — 71ST Battery R.G.A.
Davies, 2nd Lieut. D.J. — Tank Corps (Killed in Action)
Davies, Capt. H.S. — 5TH Gloster Regt.
Day, L.A. — R.N.V.R.
Day Lewis, Lieut. A.K. —
Devos, Gunner G. — 1ST R.A.L. Belgian Army.
Dowsett, 2nd Lieut. G.R. — Royal Berks Regt.
Duff, 2nd Lieut. A.J. — Dragoon Guards.
Durran, Sapper J.A. — 32ND Signal Coy. R.E.
Dymore-Brown, Lieut. G. — R.A.F.
Dymore-Brown, Lieut. H.P. — Royal Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Dymore-Brown, Pte. L. — Berks Yeomanry.
Dymore -Brown, Pte. R. St. M. — New Zealand Coningent.
Edwards, C.L. — Benbow Batt. R.N.V.R.
(Interned in Holland).
Edwards, 2nd Lieut. F.A.L. — 5TH Royal Berks Regt. (Died of Wounds).
(Military Cross).
Edwards, Lieut. H.E. — Warwick Regt. (Killed in Action).
Edwards, Lieut.-Com. H.R.L. — Royal Navy.
Edwards, Lieut.-Com. R.L. — Royal Navy.
Eggington, Major D. — Royal Berks Regt.
Elgood, Lieut. E. — R.N.V.R.
Ellis, Lce.-Cpl. F.B. — 2nd Dragoon Guards.
Ellis, F.H.W. — Inns of Court, O.T.C.
Eppstein, Flt. Sub-Lieut. M.W.W. — R.N.A.S. (Killed in Action).
Eppstein, 2nd Lieut. W.R. — 17TH Duke of Cornwall’s L.I.
(Died of Wounds).
Evans, Lieut. T.G. — S.W.B.
Evans, Sergt. C.C. — Canadian R.A.M.C.
Fairbairn, 2nd lieut. G. — R.A.F. (Wounded).
Faithfull, 2nd Lieut. J.H.D. — Army Service Corps.
Falle, Lieut.-Col. P.V. le G. — Army Service Corps. ( D.S.O.).
Farfan, Capt. A.J.T. — R.G.A. Indian Army.
Farrant, 2nd Lieut. A.W. — K.O.Y.L.I.
Farquharson, 2nd Lieut. F.A. — Indian Army (Wounded).
Field, Lieut. L.J. — A.S.C. (attached R.f.C.).
Fitch, Pte. F. — West Surrey Regt.
Fitt, Sergt. L. — 8TH Royal Berks Regt.
Forss, Coy. Sergt.-Major F.S.A. — Australian Contingent. (Twice Wounded).
(Medaille Millitaire).
Fox, Petty Officer F.H. — R.N.
Foxwell, V.H.G. — Essex Regt.
Frances, Lieut. O.S. — 2ND Royal Berks Regt.
(Military Cross with Bar).
Friend, Cpl. F.L.T. — Winnipeg Rifles.
Froome, 2nd Lieut. H.A.J. — Buffs. (Wounded).
Frost, Lieut. A. — Artists Rifles. (Killed in Action)
Frost, 2nd Lieut. K. — Royal West Kent Regt. (Killed in Action).
Fullbrook-Leggatt.2nd Lieut. A.K.O. — M.G.C. (Wounded).
Fullbrook-Leggatt. Major C. St. Q. — Royal Berks R. (D.S.O., M.C.)
Mentioned in Dispatches. (Twice Wounded).
Fullbrook-Leggatt, 2nd Lieut. L.E.W.O. — Oxford and Bucks L.I.
(Military Cross and Bar). (Wounded).
Fuller, 2nd Lieut. C.J. — Royal Berks Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Fuller , Lce.-Cpl. H.J. — Kings Royal Rifles. (Wounded Twice).
Gammon, A.H. —
Gammon, F.L. —
Gedge, Paymaster J.T. — Royal Navy. (Killed in Action).
Giles Ayres, 2nd Lieut. F. — 3RD Dorset Regt. (Killed in Action).
Gilford, Lce-Cpl. D. — Royal Berks Regt.
Goddard, Trooper F.H. — Dorset Yeomanry.
Goodenough, Lieut. J. — R.A.F.
Goodwin, Pte. L.V. — East Kents.
Gough, Pte. J.C. — Public School Corps.
Grant, Major D.F. — Royal Field Artillery. (Wounded).
(Military Cross). (Mentioned in Dispaches).
Greenaway, Lce.-Cpl. D. — Royal Berks Regt.
Gregory, Cadet P.P. — Royal Military College. (Died).
Gregory, Lieut. J.R. — Indian Army.
Griffith, Capt. — 9th Seaforth H. (Pioneers).
Griffith, 2nd Lieut. G.C. — 9TH seaforth Highlanders.
Groome, Capt. C.P. — Yorkshire Regt.
Guille, Lieut. E.E. — 1ST Canadian Regt. (Wounded).
Guille, Pte. H. — Canadian Force. (Killed).
Haigh, Major R. — Royal Berks Regt. (Military Cross).
Harris, Lieut. W.R. — M.G.C. (Motors).
Harris, Capt. P.C. — Suffolk Regt. (Killed in Action).
Harrison, 2nd Lieut. J.S. — 3RD Dorset Regt.
Hart, Capt. R.C.C — Army Veterinary Corps.
Haward, 2nd Lieut. O.L. — 1ST Punjab Rifles.
Hawkes, Capt. J.S. — 2ND Royal Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Hawkins, 2nd Lieut. O.L. — 3RD East York’s Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Hawley, Capt. F.H. — West York’s Regt.
Haynes, Lieut. W.G. — Royal Berks Regt. (Killed in Action).
Heanley, Pte. N.M. — Oxfordshire Hussars.
Hegcock, 2ND Lieut. F.L. — M.G.C. (Killed in Action).
Hegcock, Capt. S.E. — 8TH Welch Regt. Pioneers.
Hegcock, 2nd Lieut. S.D. — 3RD Welch Regt.
Higlett, 2nd Lieut. A.S. — Royal Field Artillery. (Wounded).
Hoather, 2nd Lieut. A.A. — Royal Berks Regt.
Hogan, C. — 9TH Oxon and Bucks L.I.
Hollbrook, 2nd Lieut. V.S. — R.A.F.
Holme Parker, 2nd Lieut. C.J. — 3RD Border Regt.
Holtom, Staff Surgeon E.C. — Royal Navy.
Holtom, Capt. R.J. — 8TH Royal Berks Regt.
Howell, 2nd Lieut. N.A. — Shropshire Light Infantry.
(Killed in Action).
Howell, 2nd Lieut. R.B. — 4TH North Stafford Regt.
(Killed in Action).
Howkins, 2nd Lieut. G.A. — Northumberland Fusiliers.
(Killed in Action).
Humphreys, Capt. J.H. — East Lancs. Regt. (Wounded).
Humphries, 2nd Lieut. L.J. — Army Service Corps. (Missing).
Hurley, C.S.M.R. — King’s Royal Rifles. (Killed in Action).
Huxable, 2nd Lieut. W.R. — 9TH West Riding Regt.
(Three times Wounded).
Iremonger, Major E.A. — Suffolk Regt.
Iremonger,Pte. H.R. — Canadian Infantry. (Died).
Iremonger, Lieut.-Col.R.G. — South lancs. Regt. (Died).
Jackman, 2ND Lieut. G.R. — Welch Regt. (Killed in Action).
Jackson, R.H. — R.A.F.
James, Capt. H. — Royal Berks Regt.
James, Capt. J.C. — Royal Berks Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Jeffery Spilsbury, Lieut. R.S. — Royal Defence Corps.
Jenkins, Pte. F.S. — A.O.C.
Johnstone, Capt. J.C. — Intelligence Corps.
Jones, Lieut. C.H. — London Rifle Brigade.
Jones, Cpl. S.H. — Public School Corps.
Keeble, 2nd Lieut. H.M. — Royal Engineers.
Kennedy, Lieut. A.J. — R.E., attached R.A.F.
Kennedy, Lieut. D. — Army Service Corps.
Kennedy, Lieut. -Col. D.S. — Army Service Corps. (D.S.O.).
Kennedy, Pte. H. — Gordon Highlanders. (Wounded).
Kennedy, Lieut. H.B.F. — Royal Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Kenyon, Pte. H.S. — Norwich Yeomanry.
Kilby, Flight Officer F. — R.N.A.S.
Kilby, Lieut. J.W. — London Electrical Engineers.
Kilby, Pte. T.W. — 88thBR. Canadian Con. (Killed in Action).
King, 2nd Lieut. P.P. — Gloster Regt.
King, 2nd Lieut. W.E. — Royal Garrison Artillery.
Kingston, Pte. P.F. — Westminster Rifles. (Died of Wounds).
Kirby, Pte. R.W. — Artists Rifles.
Knowles, 2nd Lieut. W.V. — Royal Berks Regt. (Killed in Action).
Knowles, Sergt. P.h. — Armoured Cars.
Lawes, Pte. F.C. — Canadian Contingent. (Killed in Action).
Lawes, Major W.H.B. — Assam Light Horse.
Lawrence, Major A.S. — Somali Camel Corps. (Wounded).
Lawrence, Capt. J.H.G. — Royal Berks Regt. (Military Cross).
Lindars, Lieut. V.W. — R.A.F.
Long, Lieut. H.O. — Royal Engineers and R.F.C.
(Prisoner of War).
Lowsley, S.E. — R.N.A.S. (Died).
Love, Sub-Lieut. G.H. — R.N.V.R. Drake Battalion R.N.D.
(Mentioned in Dispaches).
(Prisoner of War).
Love, Cpl. H.C. — 35TH Div. Signal Coy. R.E. (Military Medal).
Loveridge, Rifleman H.B. — Queens Westminster Rifles.
Loveridge, 2nd Lieut. J.H. — 1ST Royal Berks Regt.
Loveridge, Lieut. J.L. — 3/4TH Royal Berks Regt. Tank corps.
— (Military Cross and Bar). (Wounded).
Lucas, Capt. C.F. — Army Service Corps.
Lunn, 2nd Lieut. A.C.P. — Royal Berks Regt. (Twice Wounded).
Lyddon, Major W.C. — Royal Garrison Artillery. Companion of the
Order of St. Michael and St. George.
Macauly, Lieut. A. — Army Pay Corps.
Macfayden, 2nd Lieut. A. — 110TH Mahrattas. (Prisoner of War).
Major, 2nd Lieut. C.B. — East York’s Regt. (Missing).
Marsh, F.L. — Inns of Court, O.T.C.
Marshall, Capt. T.R.G. — Army Service Corps, attached to R.A.F.
Martin, Pte. C.W. — A.P.C.
Mathews, Capt. J.W. — R.A.F. (Killed in Action).
Matthews, 2nd Lieut. E.G. — Public School Corps.
Mattingley, 2ND Lieut. W.G. — K.O.S.B.
Maurice, Lieut.-Col. D.B. — Royal Berks Regt. (D.S.O.).
Maurice Jones, Lieut. H. — M.G.C.
McIlroy, Sapper L.G. — Royal Naval Division Signal Coy.
McIlroy, Lieut. W.E.C. — Oxon and Bucks L.I. (Wounded).
Mercy, Lieut. E.J. — Royal Berks Regt. (Prisoner of War).
Meilkejohn, 2nd Lieut. W.C. — Hants Regt.
Miller, Lieut. A.S. — G.H.Q. Staff.
Millar, Paymaster L.W. — Royal Navy.
Millar, 2nd Lieut. W.G. — R.G.A.
Milsom, 2nd Lieut. G.t. — Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Milsom, 2nd Lieut. M.G. — Royal Fusiliers. (Wounded).
(Military Cross).
Minchin, Lieut, H.C.L. — 125TH Napier Rifles. (Killed in Action).
Moody Ward, Capt. R.G. — Royal Berks Regt. (Killed in Action).
Moore, Air Mech. J.G.F. — R.A.F.
Moore, Lieut. R.N. — Middlesex Regt. (Wounded).
Moore, Lieut. T.C.R. — Army Service Corps.
Moore, Pte. E.H. — 95TH Training Reserve Batt.
Morrice, Major H. — Royal Garrison Artillery.
Morris, 2nd Lieut. F. — Scottish Horse.
Morris, Capt. H.S. — East York’s Regt.
Moss, A.H. — Ordnance Corps.
Mousley, Capt. P.L. — Royal Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Mousley, Pte. R.H. — Transvaal Scottish.
Mousley, 2ND Lieut. E.G. — Canadian Contingent.
Mulloy, Capt. N.F.C. — 32ND Lancers, Indian Army. (Military Cross).
Muncey, 2nd Lieut. F.T. — R.A.F.
Muncey, L.J.F. — R.N.Transport.
Murdock, 2nd Lieut. H.S. — R.A.F.
Murphy, Lieut-Col. C.C.R. — 30TH Punjabis. (Mentioned in Despatches).
Murray, Cadet A.S. — Artists Rifles.
Newbery, Cadet P.H. — Officer Cadet Wing, R.A.F.
Newey, Pte. L.G.B. — Berks Yeomanry.
Nicholls, 2nd Lieut. E.C. — Royal Berks Regt. (Wounded).
Norris, Lce-Cpl. C.G. — Canadian Contingent.
Norris, 2nd Lieut. T.P. — Royal Engineers.(Mentioned in Despatches). (Military Cross).
Owen, Capt.J. — Army Service Corps.
Pallant, Capt. H.A. — R.A.M.C. ( Wounded). (Military Cross).
Palmer, 2nd Lieut. A.J.N. — R.G.A.
Parfitt, Capt. F.W. — R.A.M.C.
Parker Williams, 2nd Lieut. E.C. — Middlesex Regt.
Parry, Eng.-Lieut. A.H. — Royal Navy.
Parry, 2nd Lieut. G.O. — 1st Loyal North Lancs.
Parry, Cadet J.O. — Artists Rifles.
Patterson, Cpl. R.W. — Pretoria Regt.
Pauer, Sergt. W.L. — Munster Fusiliers. (Military Distinguished Conduct Medal with Bar, Medaille
Militaire). (Twice Wounded).
Payze, 2nd Lieut. P.O. — Canadian Highlanders. (Died of Wounds).
Pearson, Major T.W. — 4TH Welch Royal Field Artillery. (D.S.O.)
Peck, Major. C.H. — Royal Field Artillery. (Wounded).
(Twice Mentioned in Dispatches).
(Military Cross).
Pellew, Lieut. V.H.L. — Royal Garrison Artillery. (Military Cross).
Penson, Pte. A.R. — Oxon and Bucks L.I. (Killed in Action).
Pentycross, Pte. G.H. — Public School Corps.
Percival, Capt. P.H. — Intelligence Corps.
Percival, A.V. — R.A.F.
Pettengell, Lce.-Cpl. H.T. — Public School Corps. (Wounded).
Phillips, Pte. J.B. — Welch Regt.
Pike, 2nd Lieut. W.H. — 5th Hants Regt.
Pittman, Capt. G.R. — Hants Regt.
Pocock, Cadet. D.R. — R.A.F.
Pope, Midshipman E.D. — R.N.V.R.
Pope, 2nd Lieut. K.W. — R.A.F. (Wounded).
Portsmouth, Capt. O.S. — Royal Field Artillery.
Powley, Capt. H. — Royal Navy.
Powne, J.A. — Naval Brigade. (Interned in Holland).
Preece, H.B. — Royal Navy.
Prior, H.W.S. — R.E. Wireless.
Proctor, 2nd Lieut. C.W. — South Stafford Regt.
Proctor, Capt. J.C.B. — Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. (Killed in Action).
Pullen Burry, Sergt. C.A. — Duke of Cornwall’s L.I. (Killed in Action).
Rake, Pte. H.W. — Public School Corps.
Rake,Pte. H.S. — 43RD Battalion. Canadians
(Cameron Highlanders). (Killed in Action).
Ravenscroft, Lieut. H.E.L. — R.A.F.
Reeves, Capt. T.C. — R.A.M.C.
Remington, 2nd Lieut. E.N. — Royal berks Regt.
Rice, Lieut.-Col. S.M. — Q.M.G. and A.A.G. Northern Command.
Rawal Pindi. (Companion of the Indian
Rice, 2nd Lieut. H.D. — Indian Defence Force, Bangalore.
Richardson, Pte. F.W. — 4TH Battalion Middlesex Regt.
Ridley, G.A. — Northants Yeomanry.
Roberts, 2nd Lieut. J.R.H. — D. of L. Own Yeomanry.
Rolfe, Gunner W.G.H. — R.H.A.
Romer, Capt. B.J.W. — R.F.A. Attached Royal Berks Regt.
Royds, 2nd Lieut. G.F. — 4TH Dorset Regt.
Ruddock, 2ND Lieut. B.G — Royal Engineers.
Russell, Sergt.-Major N.J. — Public School Corps.
Sadler, 2nd Lieut. H. — Royal Berks Regt. (Killed in Action).
Salmon, Rifleman R.S. — 21ST County of London.
(Killed in Action).
Saul, 2nd Lieut. E.R. — West York’s Regt.
Saunders, Major F.W. — Royal Engineers.
Saunders, 2nd Lieut. R.J. — R.A.F.
Saxby, Capt. C.O. — 4TH Royal Berks Regt.; attached M.G.C.
Saxby, Cadet L.E. — R.G.A.
Scott, Major E. — R.A.M.C. (D.S.O.).
Scott, Lieut. G.S.A. — A.S.C. (Wounded).
Scott, Pte. J.A.A. — King Edward’s Horse.
Scott, Lieut. N.A. — R.A.M.C. (Wounded).
Sharp, Capt. P.M. — 10TH Royal Fusiliers. (Wounded).
Sharps, 2nd Lieut. H.H. — R.F.A.
Shea, Major R.P. — Leicester Regt.
Shea, Capt. S.V. — Queen Victoria Rifles.
Sherwood, Lieut. A.H. — R.N.V.R. (Mentioned in Dispatches).
Shirley, Capt. F.L.J. — Yorkshire Regt.; attached R.A.F.
(Military Cross). (Wounded).
(Mentioned in Dispatches).
Shore, Pte. L.C. — Lincolnshire Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Silver, Lieut. B.J. — Royal Enniskilling Fusiliers.
Silver, Sapper E.R. — Royal Engineers.
Simpson, Major P.J. — Army Veterinary Corps. (D.S.O.) (Mentioned in Dispatches).
Smith-Masters, Lieut. Rev. H.A. — Chaplain to the Forces.
(Prisoner of War).
Soole, Gunner S.W. — R.F.A. (Died).
Stansfield, Capt. T. — R.A.M.C.
Stevens, Lce.-Cpl. A.H. — London Electrical Engineers. T.R.E.
Stevens, L.H. — H.M.A.T.
Stone, Pte. W.F. — Hong Kong V
Stubington, 2nd Lieut. F. — Notts and Derby Regt.
Stubington, Capt. G.H. — Notts and Derby Regt.
Stransom, Gunner. J.W. — R.F.A.
Stransom, Pte. W.R. — 15TH London Infantry Brigade.
Sutton, 2nd Lieut. B.H. — Royal Berks Regt.
Sykes, Lt.-Col. C.A. — Royal Horse Artillery. (D.S.O.)
Sykes, Lt.-Col. W.E. — Worcester Regt.
Tame, T.R. — Inns of Court O.T.C.
Tapper, Lieut. W.R. — R.A.F.
Taylor, 2nd Lieut. C.C.O. — East Kent Regt. (Killed in Action).
Taylor Jones, Pte. E.A.O. — Hon. Artillery Coy.
Taylor Jones, Pte. J.E. — Hon. Artillery Coy.
Taylor Jones, Pte. R.T. — Hon. Artillery Coy.
Taylor, Pte. H.H.D. — North Somerset Yeomanry.
Templer, Brig.-Gen. C.F. — Indian Army.
Thurston, Pte. J.R. — Public School Naval Brigade.
Tirbutt, Lieut. C.D. — Royal West Kent. (Wounded).
Todd, 2nd Lieut. A.S. — Madras Artillery. (Wounded).
Todd, Pte. J.C. — Canadian Contingent.
Toulmin, Rifleman G.C. — London Rifle Brigade. (Prisoner of War).
Tranter, 2nd Lieut. C.R. — 4TH Bedford Regt.
Trewman, 2nd Lieut. A.B. — Middlesex Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Trist, J. — Red Cross Brigade.
Tubbs, Capt. C.B. — Motor Transport.
Tudball, Lieut, T.B. — 13TH Batt. Canadians. (Royal Highlanders).
Tullock, Major D.F. — Royal Artillery.
Tullock, Lieut.-Col. J.A.S. — Royal Engineers.
(Mentioned in Dispatches; Legion of Honour; C.B.).
Vaughan, Pte. A.E. — 16TH lancers.
Vaughan, Pte. M.E. — 16TH Lancers.
Verdier, P. — French Army.
Victor Smith, L. — M.G.C. (Military Cross).
Wakeford, Major O. — R.G.A. (Military Cross).
(Killed in Action).
Waller, M.S. —
Wallis, H.B. — R.A.F.
Walls, 2nd Lieut. G.F.H. — Hon. Artillery Coy.
Warner, 2nd Lieut. B. — London Regt. (Killed in Action).
Warner, 2nd Lieut. S.H. — R.A.F.
Warren Hastings, Lt.-Col. B. St. j. — The Kings Liverpool Regt.
Warwick, Pte. T.W. — Public School Corps.
Weedon, Lieut.-Col. F.F. — Royal Engineers.
Weller, Pte. E.P. — Public Schools Naval Division.
Wells, 2nd Lieut, A.J. — Army Service Corps. (Military Cross).
Wells, 2nd Lieut. D.H — York’s and Lancs. (Military Cross)
(Killed in Action).
West, Pte. B.A. — Oxford Hussars.
Wheeler, Major J.P. — R.F.A. (Military Cross). (Killed in Action).
Wheeler, Major M. — Royal Berks Regt.
Whitby, Pte. C.D.B. — Canadian Contingent.
White, Cadet E.E. — Sandhurst.
Whittam, Lieut. M.J.G. — West Riding Regt. (Died of Wounds).
Whitworth, Capt. D.E. — 3RD Bengal Lancers.
Wickham, Lt.-Col. J.A. — Royal Engineers. (Mentioned in Dispatches).
Wickham, 2nd Lieut. G.V. — Dublin Fusiliers.
Wickham, Pte. W.E. — Grenadier Guards.
Wild, Capt. L.T. — S.L.I. (Killed in Action).
Wilken, Rev. Capt. A.G. — Brigade Chaplain, Canadian Force.
(Prisoner of War. Returned).
Wilken, Cpl. E. — Hong kong Mounted Rifles.
Willcocks, 2nd Lieut. C.B. — R.F.C.
Williams, 2nd Lieut. E.C.P. — 24TH Middlesex Regt. (Military Cross).
Wills, Capt. A.N. — K.O.Y.L.I. (Died of Wounds).
Wise, 2nd Lieut. F.M. — York’s and Lancs Regt. (Killed in Action).
Wolf, Sapper F.O. — Royal Engineers.
Woods, Major G.G. — Royal Garrison Artillery.
Wright, Pte L. — A.S.C.
Wright, Cadet R.F. — R.A.F.

Yates, Capt. A. St. J. — Royal Engineers.
Yates, Capt. J.A. — 103RD Mahratta Infantry.
Young, Capt. R.B. — Notts and Derby Regt.

Reading School Magazine, December 1918 (SCH3/14/34)

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