Make it, more than ever, the National Church

There was a call for the Church of England to be at the heart of post-war reconstruction.

Central Church Fund

You cannot be unaware that the Church of England will do less than its duty if it allows National Reconstruction to go on without playing its part, if the million new houses required for the re-settlement of population after the war are not supplied with Churches, if Church schools lag behind other schools, if the thousands of clergy lost to the Church by the war are not replaced, and if the social work which it ought to undertake is neglected.

You can help to save it from such danger by subscribing liberally [last word in italics] to the Central Church Fund – the first Fund for which the Church, as such, has ever appealed. You can help to make it really efficient. You can help to make it, more than ever, the National Church. Relying upon its members it has begun the task, and must not fail.

No words are needed to emphasise their enormous importance to the Nation as well as to the Church. We appeal most earnestly for your support.

Yours very faithfully

[The Bishop of] Salisbury
[Lord] Jellicoe
W R Robertson, General

Sanctuary House, 33 Tothill Street, Westminster, SW1
November, 1918

Printed in Maidenhead St Luke parish magazine, January 1919 (D/P181/28A/28)

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