Reduced fees for weddings of any sailors, soldiers and airmen who are not Officers or wealthy people

Church weddings normally required either the banns to be called in both parties’ home churches – not feasible if a soldier wanted to marry while on leave – or obtaining a licence, which was relatively expensive. War meant servicemen were allowed a reduced price.

The Vicar’s Letter

Dear Friends and Parishioners,-

The past month has given us much for which to be thankful. Great victories abroad…

Amidst our rejoicing there comes one note of sadness. Death has been busy among us. Some have died in defence of the Country abroad; others through age or illness at home…

I remain, Your faithful friend and Vicar



As some confusion seems to exist as to whether you can get married as quickly in Church as at the Registry Office, I have been asked to explain that Licences for a marriage in Church can be obtained, where there is no obstacle to Christian matrimony, from any Clergyman who is a Surrogate. The two Surrogates in Maidenhead are the Vicar of St Mary’s and myself, the next nearest is the Rector of Slough. There are reduced fees for any sailors, soldiers and airmen who are not Officers, or wealthy people.

St Peter’s Notices

The Furze Platt War Working Party will, during the winter, meet only once a fortnight; on 5th and 19th of November, at 2.15 pm at Furze Croft. Members are asked to take the alternate week’s work home.

Maidenhead St Luke parish magazine, November 1918 (D/P181/28A/27)

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