Palm branches, the symbol of victory

The war shrine in Speenhamland church is described.

Our War Shrine has been much talked about and evidently supplies a felt need. It is of quite a simple character and occupies in a very pleasing manner what would otherwise be a blank piece of wall. It consists of a dark background on a wooden framework, with a shield in the centre containing the names of those connected with the Church and parish who have fallen in the War, flanked by a Union Jack and Naval Ensign, and surmounted by palm branches, the symbol of victory. On a table in front are placed cards with the names of those from the parish who are engaged in various parts of His Majesty’s Forces. We owe a debt of gratitude to a generous member of our congregation who made himself responsible for the expenses incurred for erecting the Shrine. Another friend has kindly promised to give a Cross to be placed on the table. It is desirable that fresh flowers should be placed in the vases every few days, and it has been suggested that there are many parishioners with relatives at the front who would be only too glad to do this. In order to avoid overlapping we suggest that those who would like to give the necessary flowers for a week should communicate with Mrs. Holloway.

Speenhamland parish magazine, November 1918 (D/P116B/28A/2)

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