There are splendid times to come

Maidenhead Congregationalists were cautious but optimistic.


Things seem to be moving rapidly just now. It is too much to say that the end is in sight, but we feel we are at last heading straight for the end we desire. The changes during the last week or two have been almost miraculous, but it is safest not to make predictions. The enemy has more than one move in hand by which the final victory may long be staved off. But recent events must be trying terribly the morale of his troops and of the nation. We must still work hard and pray hard. It has been a tremendous test of endurance for the Churches as well as for the business and social life of the land. Thank God that He has enabled us so far to endure, and to keep up heart. May we be more efficient as servants of the Kingdom. If we have learned our lessons well, there are splendid times to come.

Maidenhead Congregational Church magazine, October 1918 (D/N33/12/1/5)

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