Nothing but absolute fitness is any good up the line

Percy Spencer was recovering well, but worried about younger brother Sydney.

Monday Sept 15 [1918] [date added by Florence, only Monday in P’s hand]

My dear WF

I won’t put the date on – it’s so long since I wrote you. Very sorry.

Tomorrow I hope to get out.

Since Friday night I have had practically no pain, but for some reason – probably due to returned circulation, consequent upon my getting up and walking about, one side of my hand has swelled pretty badly and the top wound is inclined to be dirty again. Nevertheless I haven’t a temperature and I feel much better in myself so there’s no need to worry. Also in parts of my little finger I begin to feel again.

I am so glad to hear about Sydney & hope his recommendation goes through. It is a pity he returned so soon, and I hope he’ll soon learn that nothing but absolute fitness is any good up the line.

It was a Captain Davenport. MC, who was with me on Thursday. I was his understudy & but for the accident of his arrival in France a few days before me and my casualty coming a few days before his, I should have had his job – adjutant. Altho’ hit in the leg & back (both slight) he crawled across London on strike to tell me all the news and to talk over “our campaigns”. I’m afraid Aunt Margaret felst sort of frozen out, altho’ I did my best to avoid this. It’s quite obvious I was lucky to get out so lightly – our fellows & officers have had a very thin time and suffered many casualties.

Yours ever

Letter from Percy Spencer (D/EZ177/7/7/92)

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