“I take gas like a lamb”

Percy Spencer was expecting an operation on his injured wrist.

Bed 8, Florence Ward
St Thomas Hosp[ital]
Aug 21, 1918

My dear WF

6 am and I’ve been washed & tidied up. Aren’t the hours they keep frightful?

I don’t expect to be conscious before the country post goes out today, but in case you don’t get a line from me in the morning, don’t worry dear – I take gas like a lamb and there’s nothing dangerous about the operation. Lastly I feel very fit & well this morning.
As it’s so early of course I haven’t any news except that (unless I dreamt it) there was a heavy bombardment in the early hours of this morning, which spelt attempted air raid I expect.

Just had my last meal (breakfast) till tonight. Sister says I’m a most uninteresting patient – temperature & pulse both normal.
I’m not at all sure my wrist is as bad as they think. I frequently feel or think I feel in my little finger and believe I can waggle it slightly – but of course this may be imagination. Anyway I shall know, I hope, tomorrow.

With my dear love to you both
Yrs ever


Letter from Percy Spencer (D/EZ177/7/7/80-81)

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